The Lip Product Addict TAG!!

Welcome back lovely people!

I was “tagged” by Jacquelyn over at The Little Scottish Corner to do The Lip Product Addict tag, so here it is and here are my answers I hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to check out Jacquelyn’s tag answers too.


I make my own lip scrub with olive oil and caster sugar as my treatment, and for lip balm, I have a couple I like to use.


I use Nivea‘s essential care lip balm usually at night as part of my night-time skin care regime, it’s so moisturising, and because I must have a fan blowing over me to help with night-time hot flushes it stops my lips from becoming dry from the cool air. 


During the day I like my MUA Makeup Academy lip balm. When I’m home during the day I keep this beside me and top up as I need it. Although since I’ve started to drink more water rather than coffee during the day I don’t have to use it as much.


I was never really into red lips, I love my corals and pinks and nude shades. But since Makeup Revolution came into my life and I was given one of their Salvation Intense Lip lacquers in a goody bag at the brand launch.


This is honestly the best red lip colour I’ve ever used, it’s shade “A Love Like That” it’s one that actually suits my skin-tone. I’ve always stayed clear of red lipsticks because I could never find one that suited me, but this one does and even Mark says it looks nice on me.


I’m not ashamed to admit I don’t own any high-end lipsticks, they are all drugstore. My favourite at the moment is by Makeup Revolution.


This is in the shade “The One” it’s a nude and it’s a pinky toned nude rather than on the brown side of nude which don’t suit me. I have found this lipstick just so creamy and moisturising and lasts fairly well, considering I do lick my lips a lot!


I’m sorry, but I don’t own a MAC lipstick. Maybe one day I will be able to have one adorning my lips!


Do you know what? I don’t think I do have a lipstick that I don’t like. I did have a lip balm from Avon that I just couldn’t carry on with, it was actually making my lips dry!


I have one lip liner and it’s a nude one. I got it as a “freebie” in a magazine. I think it was a Lord and Berry one and I just didn’t like it. I found it really waxy to use and it also smelt really waxy too, which put me off totally. So, no I never bother with a lip liner. 



I have a few lip glosses that I like, but the one I wear most either alone or over a colour is from Makeup Revolution. The Amazing Sheer Lip Gloss in shade Move a Little Closer is a gorgeous iridescent pink which looks great over the top of a lipstick and when worn on it’s own gives the lips a lovely sheen with just a hint of colour  giving the lips that “just been kissed” appearance.


Just to mention that when I use my lip balm as part of my make up routine, I apply it after my foundation then  apply the rest of my make up, and before I put on my lipstick I wipe away the lip balm with a tissue or cotton bud. This gives a lovely smooth hydrated base for any sort of lip colour.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Lip Products Addict tag, so who shall I tag to do it next? 

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So that’s it for now lovely people, I shall be back with a Makeup Revolution haul very soon. Thank you for stopping by today.



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