Cutagen Skincare….. Review.

Welcome back lovely people.

I was contacted by a skincare brand based in Cambridge, UK asking me if I would like to try some samples and review them here on my blog. Of course I jumped at the chance, and here I am introducing you to Cutagen. 


This what Cutagen say:

“British skincare brand Cutagen was founded in 2011 by Dr. Rizwana Alvi, a medical microbiologist with 15 years in the biopharmaceutical industry, and Dr. Faizan Awan, a medical professional with eight years in hospital medicine and General Practice. Cutagen applies scientific knowledge to create exclusively-formulated products with ingredients proven to deliver benefits for skin. The cosmetics can be used by everyone, even people with complaints such as eczema, acne and psoriasis”

Cutagen’s ethos is science-based skincare with a belief that even people with problem skin can make it beautiful.”


When I was first asked if I could review Cutagen products I thought that they would be expensive seeing as how they are science-based, but I was wrong prices start at £4.49  to £9.99, that’s right up my street! I have been given quite a few samples to try, more than the picture shows, and obviously I can’t try them and review all of them in one day. So I shall be posting most of the week so that I can give them a proper go. 

Cutagen Gentlecare Moisturising Creme Wash Bath & shower-228x228

Gentlecare Moisturising Creme Wash for Bath and Shower

First up, to wash with I’ve used the Gentlecare Moisturising Creme Cleanser for Bath and Shower for extremely dry and sensitive skin and is suitable for both face and body. There wasn’t enough in the sachets to cleanse both my face and body, and not enough to cleanse my body all the way down to my feet. So I just used it on my upper body where I do have problems with my skin. I get very sore under my bust just where my bra sits and have done ever since I began having hot flushes! (I did use my regular body cleanser on the lower part of my body btw) and I used it in the bath as our shower isn’t working right now, but to ensure I could review this properly I never put bubble bath in my bath water either. Okay, so this is fragrance free, free of  colouring and free of any nasties to harm the skin. This isn’t a foaming cleanser, which was slightly weird as I’m so used to creating lots of luxurious scented bubbles, more bubbles mean I feel clean and feminine. But just because there are no gorgeously scented bubbles with this body wash didn’t mean I wasn’t clean because I am feeling very clean and fresh, and my skin feels “calm” especially under my bust where I get flare ups. The body wash contains orange and rosemary oils to cleanse the skin and remove bacteria. Vitamins C and E to keep the skin smooth. It contains Vitamin A to control damage from  free radicals. I must say it’s lovely to wash with and rinses away easily leaving my skin feeling fresh clean smooth and not at all dry and tight. This creme cleanser comes in a 200ml bottle and is £7.99

Cutagen Gentlecare Calming Hand & Body Moisturiser-228x228

Gentlecare Calming Hand and Body Lotion

After I washed and dried, I used the sample of the Gentlecare Calming Hand and Body Lotion. This really is very nice to use and a little does actually go a long way. I thought I wasn’t going to have enough to moisturise all of me but I did, and it didn’t leave my skin feeling sticky either it just sank in so well. It contains Calendula and oat kernel extracts which helps calm dry, cracked and sore skin and helps to relieve itching and the irritation. Just what I need to help me with my skin problem. I feel some relief after using this, and it didn’t sting when I was applying it either, I’ve been using Sudocrem on the dry sore patches but this body lotion is far better and much more soothing. It does what it says, it calms the skin. I don’t actually mind that Cutagen products are un-perfumed, not only is it good on my skin, it also means there is no fragrance to “clash” with whatever perfume I’m wearing. Once again this is a good 200ml size tube and it’s £9.99.

Cutagen have very kindly given me a 10% discount code to pass on to my readers, just go HERE place your order and enter code DV10PC.  

Follow Cutagen on Facebook HERE and Twitter @cutagen

I’ve still got some sample to get through so I shall be back with more from Cutagen soon. I’m using a moisturiser right now and I need to give it a couple of days to see how it is on my dry skin.

Thank you for stopping by and reading lovely people.







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