Hello lovely people, and  Happy Friday to you!

I don’t have a May favourites, my favourites this month are pretty much as they were in April so I thought I would write a post about 5 of my favourite things for £5.00 and under, it could be make up, nail polish, a bath/shower product  a skin care product, or a hair product. Anyway whatever it is it’s a fiver or under. I hope you enjoy reading.


I am absolutely in love with this hair styling lotion. Plump it Up Amplifying Blow Dry Lotion from VO5. It adds so much thickness and volume to my hair. My hair isn’t thin or thinning by any means, but I do like my hair to have lots of volume and this gives me loads, plus it has  added heat defence so I’m not “frying” my hair. My hair is short and layered to about chin level and I spray this into towel dried hair, I always use my fingers rather than a brush when blow drying, lifting my hair at the roots, when my hair is dry I give it blow on the cold shot to help set everything into place. This blow drying lotion is in Superdrug priced at £3.79 HERE


One of my favourite eyeshadow palettes has to be my Iconic 3 palette from Makeup Revolution, I use this a lot and I love it! You have all seen this new brand by now and most have probably purchased an item or few for your make up collections too, so you don’t need me to tell you how amazing it is, do you? Oh okay then, IT’S AMAZING!!  The price is pretty amazing too. £4.00 from their own online store HERE


Another fave under £5.00 is this palette from MUA Makeup Academy which I sometimes use along with the Revolution one. This one gives me a more natural look, when I use it on its own though. It’s the Undress Me Too palette. Another great bargain price of £4.00 from their online store HERE. Although it appears to be out of stock right now.


My lipstick does not look like the one in the picture now! I love this from Makeup Revolution and I have used it a lot!  The shade is The One a beautiful nude, but it’s on the pink side of nude rather than brown and it suits my skin tone perfectly. As soon as I am able to do some shopping I shall be getting a couple more colours of their lipsticks, they are so creamy and moisturising and the colour payoff is fab! They look like they should cost so much more than £1.00 too! They  aren’t called Amazing Lipstick for nothing that’s for sure. Did you know Makeup Revolution ship worldwide? Check out their online store HERE

IMG_7449I’m loving this gorgeous nail polish from MUA Makeup Academy. I wore it the weekend my new Grandaughter was born at the beginning of May. It’s called Lush Lilac but to me it looks like a baby pink, so I wore it for Hope my new Grandaughter, and it’s only £1.00.

Okay lovely people that’s my Favourite 5 products each under £5.00. Thank you for dropping by and reading today. I hope you have a great weekend!






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