Hello lovely people, from a very wet and windy England!

Mark bought me my copy of June’s Marie Claire magazine yesterday so that’s brightened up the day especially as it has some cute little skin-care samples free with it!


Covergirl this month is Elizabeth Olsen,  Hollywood’s newest sweetheart and star of the new “Godzilla” movie. Inside she speaks of her relationship with her sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley who are now budding designers in the US. 

The  fashion trends  being covered in Marie Claire this month  are trend 1 being Primary colours and trend 2 being Checks, be it colour and monochrome. Trend 3 is my favourite Safari, with animal print, fringing and suede. Then there is a gorgeous double page spread of shoes! Girly versus Sporty. There is always so much fashion going on in Marie Claire, covering High Street and High End. Dotty prints under £100 and swimwear too.

Something Marie Claire do every month is “Reader Offers” and there are a couple in this issue. There is a 25% off at L.K. Bennett. You can either fill out the coupon and take it to your nearest stockist by the 4th June, or visit and shop online entering code MCR14 at checkout.

The other “Reader Offer” is a 20% off at Aromatherapy Associates online, just go to and simply enter MC20 at the checkout.


The cute “freebies” with the magazine are three skincare trial sized products from Aromatherapy Associates. The Hydrating Renewing Rose Cleanser, Hydrating Triple Rose Renewing Moisturiser and Hydrating Rose Face Mask. I’ve tried the cleanser and moisturiser and I think I would love them in full size, they really do hydrate my skin! I’m yet to try the face mask, so expect reviews on all three products soon.

One article that I enjoyed reading was about our own Nicola Adams, the first woman to win a gold medal for ladies boxing at the Olympics. She won  gold at the fantastic London games in 2012. She talks about meeting the Queen and how she decided at the age of 13 she was going to win a gold medal at the Olympics for boxing. Back then women’s boxing wasn’t even in the Olympics! It’s a fabulous read and some amazing pictures too. She has re-created the famous Muhammad Ali underwater picture as a tribute to her hero.

In beauty this month, there is an article about buying lip gloss this season, and you can read about powder, yes powder cleansers! Also read about fine fragrances, and getting “prepped” for your Summer holidays too. Christie Turlington talks of her Beauty Rules, and in Beauty Enquirer you are asked to “Think before you ink” obviously meaning tattooing your body parts.

A really good article is called “8 Food Rules To Ditch Now” the myths of having green juice in the mornings and drinking 8 glasses of water a day etc. I was quite surprised at what I read.

Well that’s Marie Claire for June in a nutshell, it’s an excellent read this month I have really enjoyed reading it, even though the adevertisers have been “stingy” with free samples on the inside pages! 😉

Have a great week lovely people and thank you for reading.




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