Hello again lovely people.

I was feeling a bit down about my blog, not having anything to review right now, I haven’t posted anything since my Giveaway post a week ago. I was having a tweet about yesterday, asking should I write a post “Whats in my make up bag” a couple of lovely ladies said I should, one of them also suggested I write up a “Wishlist” of products I would love to use. I’ve done a wish list post before, so I thought I would update it because there is so much I would love to try out, but at the moment they are out of my reach. I hope you enjoy reading and tell me are there any of  the products on my wish list that you have tried or like me, wish you could?



First up on my wish list is from new brand Makeup Revolution, and “The One” foundation. I love the thought of a foundation that will adapt to skin tone, gives full coverage and is buildable with a matte finish. I had this used on me at the launch of the brand and it was fabulous I loved it. Have you tried “The One” yet, how did you find it? I would love to know.


I would love to get my hands on the Micro Pedi hard skin remover. It would save a lot of time, I wouldn’t have to contort myself into an uncomfortable position to remove dry skin from my feet, and it would probably do a better job than the method I’m using currently.


Another Makeup Revolution product is on my wish list. This time it’s the Vivid Blush liquid blusher in shade Desire. I saw these in real life again at the launch and it was used on me for my mini make over. You only need the tiniest amount of product to give your skin a perfect glow, and again it’s buildable to the intensity you desire. I need this little beauty in my make up collection!


I have rather enlarged pores which I hate with a passion and Benefit Porefessional looks like it’s my answer to getting near perfect skin, especially if I had “The One” foundation to partner it! It’s over £20 for a small tube, I am using a primer by another brand at the moment and I wonder would the Benefit one do a better job than a cheaper brand?


No, I don’t have any Real Techniques make up brushes! But they are always on my wish list. I would also love to have the Blending sponge too. This is the Core Collection which holds Detailer brush, Pointed foundation brush, Buffing brush, and the Contour brush all in a lovely wallet which opens up into a stand. Maybe one day. 


Yes, the No!No! is still on my wish list. I think it always will be. I would love to be completely hair free. I get so fed up having to pluck from my top lip and odd ones on my chin. I’ve even got hair growing on my earlobe!

I actually have a wish list that could go on forever, but I shall stop here. If you would like to see my first wish list click HERE to take a look. What’s on your wish list?

Thank you for stopping by and reading.












5 comments on “MY WISHLIST- UPDATED…..

  1. I would love to try THE ONE foundation. Full coverage, buildable, matte – I couldn’t ask for more. I’m off to Tesco’s in an hour or so. And Superdrug is on the way… Oh dear! 😀

    I’ve never heard of the No!No! before but I will check it out. It sounds amazing! This would be a perfect present, don’t you think? I hope your man is reading your blog! 😉

    There’s nothing really on my wish list. I just try out and buy stuff, and if I like the product I’m happy. The good thing with all the products I have is that I never really need anything.

  2. Hello, I have the micro pedi, it’s fab, but I wish it was mains operated instead of batteries. I saw it on Qvc the other week and it was much cheaper now, it was a smaller version but the lady said it had the same power, it’s good though. I also have the no no and do you know I am ashamed to say I’ve not used it, your post has made me want to get it out and see if it works. It has a lot of poor reviews on Qvc.
    Back to feet and hard skin, I got pedi boots from Amazon for about £5, you pop them on for about 90 minutes and after about 5 days your feet start to peel, they were pretty good. They would make a good blog review!
    Are you still off the doggies?

    • Hi Vonnie. Firstly, I did lapse a little on the smoking, but I’m back on the ecig again. I love the sound of the pedi boots you mention I’m certainly going to check those out. Ive not watch QVC in ages to see the NO NO reviews, if you do use yours, please let me know how you get on with it. x

      • Oh dear don’t you just love predictive text! Doggies! Lol. You sussed though I meant ciggies! Good luck, just think what you can buy with the money! PS I am still reverse washing my hair, works for me x

  3. Hey hun, I wanted to tell you earlier, but I forgot. One of the glossy mags (not InStyle, that’s all I remember) comes with a small tube (is it a tube?) of benefit’s porefessional. This might be the perfect sample size!

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