Hi Lovelies!

Mark just popped out to the shops and came home with a new edition of Company magazine for me, which also included a copy of Cosmopolitan too AND two verrry pretty mini nail polishes as well!


The magazines are mini too.( I do love the “handbag” size magazines) Anyway this edition of “Company” is all about the young and cool of L.A, where you can read about Vlogger Bethany Mota (aka MacBarbie07) who has over 5 million followers on You Tube, that’s more than Beyoncé! She started her channel at age of 13 with a MAC haul and has never looked back. Click HERE for her channel. On the beauty pages this month is bronzing for three different skin tones fair, medium and olive skins. Then to top it all off there is an article about the lengths L.A lovelies are going to, to be gorgeous. How about “Sheep Placenta Facial!” or the “snake-skin Pedicure” or maybe “Leech therapy” what about “Vampire Facelift?” then you have of course “Oil Pulling” which is actually the only one that doesn’t scare me!

Along with “Company” was a copy of “Cosmopolitan” with lovely Caroline Flack on the cover. Inside she talks of her body battle and how bullies called her fat and ugly. I bet those bullies are eating their words now! You can take a peep inside Paloma Faith’s wardrobe, I love her music, I love her style even more. On pages 94/95 you can book your tickets to the Cosmo Superblogger Masterclass on Monday 23rd of June in London, from 6.30pm to 9.00pm. You will get a glass of bubbly on arrival and a goody bag worth over £30 to take home too. There will be top tips from some of the best media experts, including the fabulous Fleur De Force. Now that sounds like an amazing way to spend a Monday evening! If you haven’t got your bathing suit for your Summer hols yet, then this is the place to look to get some ideas. Page after page of gorgeous swimwear are in this issue of Cosmo. Finally on the health pages, an article on the benefits of the Coconut!

And that is all I am going to give away, you will just have to pop out and buy the mag and have a read. You will love the two free mini nail polish’s. There are actually 2 sets to collect. I have a peach and green, the other shades are a pink and blue. It would mean buying the magazine twice if you wanted the 4 nail polish’s though.

So that was just an insight to what’s in my magazines this month. Thank you for stopping by to read today. Remember



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