Hello lovelies, and welcome back.

So we are nearly at the end of April, it’s gone so fast hasn’t it? I thought I would show you what I have been loving in April. Of course my highlight of the last month has to be going to the launch of new brand Makeup Revolution, yes it was at the end of March when this happened but I’ve included it in my April favourites as it was too late to include it in my March favourites.


So my first favourite of the month was going to the launch of Makeup Revolution. Mark and I both went, he decided we were going to travel by train rather than drive all the way to London from Cambridgeshire, so he could have a nice relaxing day too. We met Adam Minto, creator of Makeup Revolution, unfortunately I never got a picture of him he was just so busy. I was given a gorgeous bag of goodies to bring home to use and review, and I just hope my reviews have done the products and the brand justice!


Makeup Artist, Claire Ray

I had my makeup done by make up artist Claire Ray, who has made up the faces of Mischa Barton, Sienna Miller to name but a few, and she has toured with Take That too! So she is definitely one of my favourites from this last month. In all, being invited as a beauty blogger to an event such as this has made my year so far, fingers crossed it wont be my last. Thank you Makeup Revolution! If you would like to check out the new brand just click on the link in the side-bar, it will take you straight to their online store. For all my overseas from England readers, they ship worldwide too!



One of the products given to me was this little beauty, it’s the now very popular Iconic 3 palette from Makeup Revolution,  by now everyone knows it’s a “dupe” for Naked 3 by Urban Decay. I have loved using this gorgeous palette and now I have this I don’t want the higher end product I am very happy with my £4.00 one, thank you very much. One of my favourite palettes from this last month for sure!



My other favourite eyeshadow palette from the last month has been the Pretty Edgy Luxe Palette for MUA Makeup Academy. 


This is a gorgeous palette too, each shadow is HUGE, a mix of shimmer and matte textures in varying shades of pinks grey and brown/taupe. The mirror in the lid is massive, I can see my whole face in it. Not that I use the mirror at all, I need a magnifying one now! The palette looks beautiful when closed, too. Very sleek shiny black with gold studding, it looks like a very pretty clutch purse. The eyeshadows are so creamy and buttery soft, you wouldn’t think you are applying a powder eyeshadow. Click HERE to check out MUA Makeup Academy. They ship worldwide by the way!


VO5 Dry Backcoming Spray

My favourite hair product from the last month is the Dry Backcoming Spray from VO5. It’s just so pretty darn good! I have always liked “big” hair on myself right from being a teenager. I had the Farah Fawcett Majors style from the “Charlies Angels” tv show (Yes I really am that old!) I’ve had a Bonnie Tyler big hair perm too. I have never liked my hair in a sleek style, I need my hair to be “full-bodied” just like my red wine 🙂 so when I discovered this wonderful hair spray I was over the moon, it means I can jujj up my hair without all the damaging backcombing. Give it a go if you like big hair, it’s also a huge help in creating gorgeous up-do’s too. Get it from Superdrug HERE. Incidentally you can also shop for MUA and Makeup Revolution at Superdrug too!


I shall make this the last of my favourites for April, I could just go on and on because I have much more to share with you. This nail polish from MUA Makeup Academy is perfect for Spring/Summer. It’s shade “Sweet Peach” and it’s so vibrant and bright, will look fabulous with a tan too. I love MUA nail polish, for only £1.00 the coverage is not bad at all. I put two coats on for the picture above, but if you add a 3rd it is even more fabulous. It means that you would get through your bottle pretty quick but it won’t break the bank for only a quid will it? It also lasts well on the nails too, I’ve had MUA polish on my nails for 5 days straight without a chip. Check out the £1.00 nail polish HERE

So that’s just a few of my April Favourites lovely people. If you have tried any of them too I would love to know because I’m nosey like that.

Thank you for reading.




11 comments on “APRIL FAVOURITES……

  1. The MUA palette looks fab. I love ALL the shades!

    I too love big hair. I have natural curls, but I don’t use styling products. I just scrunch. 🙂

    And you were invited to the launch and had your make up done by a real pro? How wonderful is that? And….
    ♥♥♥Make Up Revolution!!!♥♥♥
    Whoa, that’s a fab palette! This post was the last bit I read before I went grocery shopping and I wish I hadn’t.
    I went to Superdrug’s first and couldn’t believe that my local store did not sell MUR products. So I thought, OK, let’s see if they have managed to restock MUA products. Nope!
    I was so looking forward to buy a few MUR products and in the end I was so disappointed that I forgot to check out Revlon’s new foundation. Arrggghhhh!
    But I was in a good mood when I got to Tesco’s. 650g cherry tomatoes for 87p. Guess what’s for dessert today? Tomato salad! 😀

    • Lol, how was your tomato dessert? I forgot to mention that Makeup Revolution are only available via their website or on Superdrug website. Sorry. They are launching in Superdrug at some point, but no date for that yet. What’s the new Revlon foundation you are after?

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