Hello again lovely people!

I had never used a lip lacquer before being given this one at the launch of Makeup Revolution, and I have to admit I want more lip lacquers now. What would you call a lip lacquer, is it a lip gloss or a lipstick? I think I would call it a cross between the two, whichever you call it, I like it a lot!


This is just so nice! I have shade “A Love Like That” a very intense red. It’s  packaged in a rose gold box with the branding in black. I had a problem with the lip lacquer tube itself though when I first opened it. The component that cleans the wand as you withdraw it from the tube  situated in the neck, this popped out as I unscrewed the top, it literally “popped” and fell onto our sitting room carpet. Mark has had to clean it and stick the piece back into the tube with superglue!  But aside from that it’s a very nice lip product.


The packaging for this lip lacquer is very sleek with black top and the usual rose gold for the branding. I don’t know why, but when I open a lip product I always have to sniff it! Anyone else do that too? Or am I just weird? So when I sniffed this product it has a very pleasant smell, slightly sweet  maybe vanilla I’m not too sure, and it tastes nice as well.


A lovely sponge tipped applicator ensures the lacquer glides on like a dream which it does, some sponge applicators aren’t firm enough to get a nice application of product but with this you get a lovely smooth lip colour, right to the edges of your lips.


The pigment of the Salvation Intense lip lacquer is amazing, it is what it says on the tube, Intense. It’s a similar consistency to a lip gloss but with more intense colour pay off. It’s not sticky or gloopy on the lips and  has a high sheen to it the staying power is pretty good too, but it does last longer on the lips if you don’t have lip balm on underneath. There are 7 glorious shades to choose from just click HERE to see for yourself. They are only £3.00!

So, lovely people how did you like the background in the product pics? Mark wanted to do something a little different and got out one of the beauty books he bought me years ago to place the product on. I think it looks cool, I love the title of the book 😉 The actual title is” Ageless Beauty, The secrets of ageing beautifully” by Liz Wilde. Mark bought me it from a book fair about 8 years ago, and it’s what inspired the title of my blog.

Thank you for reading.




  1. Too bad some of the lip lacquer landed on the carpet. 😦
    Just a few weeks ago my husband had to fix one of my Revlon lipsticks. It was one of the cheap looking ones in the clear case. The lid didn’t come off when I wanted to try it for the first time – but the bottom part of the case came off! Hubby used sticky tape and super glue. 😀

    Btw, thanks for sharing how you came up with the name for your blog. And Mark is a wonderful man!

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