BOOM! Go My Eyelashes!! (Lash Boom Mascara from MUA Make up Academy)

Fear not lovely people, I haven’t had an eyelash disaster!

On the contrary my eyelashes are FAB U LOUS!  Thanks to an amazing mascara from MUA Make up Academy. I have wanted this mascara for ages and I really wish I hadn’t left it so long but I had been trying other mascaras from the brand, now though I have found “the one” Meet Lash Boom mascara.


Because of the aging process my once very long thick eyelashes have diminished which I find quite depressing, and I have been hunting for a mascara that will thicken and lengthen what I have left. This fantastic mascara has given me my eyelashes back! The formula is gorgeous, I have the Ultra Black shade and it just hasn’t turned my lashes into a clumpy mess, even after 2 coats. This is a fantastic volumising and lengthening mascara and I would recommend it to any lady young or old that has eyelash issues. My eyelashes also feel very soft too, which I couldn’t believe.


Not only is it such a great formula, the brush is fantastic too. I have never been a fan of the silicon type brush which this one is, but  because of the shape of it coats every single lash from root to tip even the very fine almost invisible ones at the inner corner of the eyes. I really do just love this, and I’ve only used it once. I think this is going to be a definite re-purchase. The packaging is pretty cool too, I’m loving the purple. If you want volumised long looking lashes then click HERE to check out the 3 shades that it comes in. Black, Brown/Black and Ultra Black. You won’t go far wrong for just £3.00.

*This product is no longer available*

Thank You for reading today.



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