Hello lovely people!

Well Spring has sprung here in England but it’s a bit blustery today. It has just dawned on me that we are a week into April and I haven’t done my March favourites Doh. Please keep reading to find out what I have loved during the month of March!



I have started to love this gorgeous face wash all over again. Not only does it smell amazing, it cleanses my skin beautifully and leaves it feeling so soft and fresh. My skin doesn’t feel dry and tight afterwards either which is a bonus! I got this from our local supermarket but you can buy Organic Surge online from HERE


My MUA Make Up Academy matte palette has become a huge favourite over the last month. It has shades within it for Spring and for the rest of the year too, I use this palette alongside another MUA palette. (see below)


MUA Luxe “Pretty Edgy” Palette. A mix of matte and frosted shimmery eyeshadows, works so well with the matte palette (above) I have been enjoying using both of them. Check out MUA palettes and more HERE


My gorgeous Calvin Klein “Euphoria” prize that I won from “re-tweeting” a tweet on twitter. I am loving Calvin Klein fragrance at the moment, Mark bought me “Downtown” for Valentines day, but I don’t have pics to show you. I have really enjoyed my CK perfumes through March.


And I just had to include our electronic cigarettes that both me and Mark started using to help us quit smoking. I would like to be at the stage when I don’t need to use this at all. The beginning of May would be ideal, it’s when my new granddaughter is due to arrive! We bought our Ecig Wizzard cigarettes from HERE.

So that was just a few beauty related things I have loved in March. What have you been loving? I’d love to know ‘cos I’m nosy like that!

Have a great week lovely people!



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