Hello and welcome again lovely people.

Yet another Makeup Revolution product to show you, this was also in my goody bag given to me at the launch day. It’s the Matte Effect Foundation in the shade Ivory, there are 8 shades to choose from.


The packaging is a cream coloured squeezy tube with a black lid that is flattened so you could stand it on your dressing table, the branding is once again rose gold coloured. This is a 25ml tube of product that has a 12 month shelf life when open. Unfortunately this isn’t my colour so it’s impossible to give a proper review as I would like. I need a medium shade and this is just too light for me.


I applied it to my skin though to see the consistency, and I found it to be quite thin so I would say that this could be a light coverage foundation. I applied it over my usual moisturiser and primer and oh dear I am sorry to say it didn’t dry matte on my skin! I am hoping that this is because it’s too light for me. But I would think that all shades would be the same consistency, right? It blended really easily over my skin when using my fingers, I then finished off with a stippling brush. Once applied The Matte Effect Foundation should last for 16 hours. I’ve never really grasped the idea of why anyone would wear a foundation for any more than 8 hours in a day, 10 at the most but I did wear it all day and it stayed put until I took it off at night. It’s such a shame I didn’t have my correct shade to test out properly. If you want to try a matte foundation for yourself without breaking the bank, this one is only £2.00 HERE.

Well, it’s the weekend, so I wish you all a good one. Bye for now.




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