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Today I am reviewing the MUA Make up Academy Pro Base Complexion Kit which I am wearing right now and I am liking it very much so far. Palette holds cream to powder foundation, concealer and a highlighter.


I was so surprised when I opened my parcel, pleasantly surprised actually that this product is so big!  The palette itself is clean-looking white and silver with a mirror in the lid, that you can see your whole face in. In the middle of the palette you have a small application sponge and a small brush which I assume is to apply the highlighter. I didn’t use it. On the left side of the palette is a cream to powder foundation. This is very nice. I applied the foundation using a stippling brush to one side of my face and the enclosed sponge I used to apply it to the other side. I wanted to see how it applied using both methods. I must admit I prefer the brush. The sponge made the application go on a bit streaky, personally I think using a bigger sponge will help overcome this, although it would be handy for touch ups during the day.


So the foundation itself after application gives a light coverage which  will be ideal for Spring/Summer months, because it’s a cream to powder foundation you shouldn’t need to apply powder afterwards. After wearing it for about an hour I felt I needed to apply my powder as my face was becoming shiny down the center. On the top of the right hand side is the concealer which matches the foundation and it is a very nice coverage, it conceals the redness on my chin and on my cheek, but it had trouble with concealing the darkness on the inner corners of my eyes. Now for the highlighter, at first glance it looks like another concealer but when applied to the cheeks it gives a lovely sheen and light glow when the light catches the face, it’s a creamy highlighter and blends nicely too.

Pro-Base Complexion Kit is a super product and for just £6.00 is a real bargain for such great quality, take a look just HERE at the 3 different shades to choose from. Nude, Mocha and Ivory. I use the shade Nude for my medium toned complexion.

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