Hello again lovely people, I hope you are all having a good week so far!

Okay, so our make up is looking fabulous and we would like it to stay all day until we decide to remove it, yes? How can we make it last? The answer is to use a make up fixing mist spray. What is a make up fixing spray? or setting spray as some prefer to call it. Basically its liquid in a spray bottle that releases a fine mist  over your made up face. Not only does it set your make up, it is also meant to keep your skin hydrated too. You just apply your make up as usual, yes right down to the powder, then simply spray at arm’s length onto the face, and leave to dry.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

I am loving using this make up Pro Base Fixing Mist from MUA Make up Academy. It comes in a 60ml spray plastic bottle. One gripe I do have with this product is that I can’t see the ingredients on the bottle to give to you. But I think that most fixing sprays are mineralised water, glycerin, aloe. Most are moisturising as well as giving your make up staying power which this one does. I can put my make up on at 9am, go to see my daughter and grandkids, obviously have a play about, and my make up is still on when we come home again at 8pm! I was wary of using a fixing mist at first, I don’t use waterproof mascara and I did think I would end up with panda eyes, but it doesn’t make your make up damp at all! It is so cooling too as well as hydrating to my skin. The cooling sensation is a godsend for me with the old hot flushes!  After spraying the mist onto my face I usually fan myself with my hands to speed up the drying process, but to be honest it does dry quick enough without fanning!

Super make up fixing spray for such a small price, it’s only £5.00 and you can find it HERE.

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