Hello lovely people, it’s a gorgeous day here in the UK today, I hope it’s the same for you too.

Okay, I was reading a blog earlier today by Jones & Jones where they were posting the “Would You Rather” tag so I thought that I would do it too. If you want to check it out  too click HERE



1. Would you rather be able to apply eye liner perfectly or be able to contour like Kim Kardashian?

I would love to be able to apply perfect eyeliner, I suck at it because my hands shake so much and it ends up looking an awful mess.

2. Would you rather wear foundation that is two shades lighter or two shades darker? 

I think I would rather wear foundation two shades lighter, you can always add colour so it won’t be as noticeable.

3. Would you rather wear no lipstick ever again or no eye liner ever again?

That would definitely have to be no eyeliner, see the reason in Q1.

4. Would you rather give up your foundation or your mascara?

Foundation definitely, I need mascara on my lashes to make my eyes look like they are there.

5. Would you rather apply your make up yourself with no mirror whilst on a bumpy car journey or ask a 5-year-old child to do it?

I would rather do my own make up on a bumpy car journey than ever let a 5 year old near my make up. I would end up with messed up make up collection, I’m not bothered about my face!

6. Would you rather wear exactly the same make up every single day for the rest of your life or drastically change your make up every single day for the rest of your life (even if it doesn’t suit you!)?

I think that I would get very bored with wearing the same make up every day. I like to wear different shades whether they be natural shades or colour.

7. Would you rather have dodgy brows or have patchy fake tan? 

I think that I would rather have a patchy fake tan, at least I can cover myself with clothing, if it’s patchy on my face I can cover it with make up, maybe?

8. Would you rather have perfectly white teeth or your perfect hair style? 

I am happy with my hairstyle, so I would rather have the white teeth. I’ve just given up smoking and I can see my teeth getting whiter, and I like that!

9. Would you rather wear the same colour nail varnish for the rest of your life or be able to change the colour of your varnish whenever you like but it’s always a little bit smudged? 

I would have to go for the smudged nail polish of a different colour when ever I wanted, I would get so bored with just the one colour.

10. Would you rather have lots of scented body and perfume products that smell amazing to you but to everyone else you smell like a pine tree car air freshener or have products that smell average to you but smell incredible to those around you?

I think I would like a perfume that made me smell nice to everyone else. I love it when I go to my daughter’s I give her a hug and she says I smell nice!

That was another fun tag to do. I tag anyone who is reading to have a go too. If you have already done it, leave me your link so I can have a peruse, please.

Thank you for stopping by today.



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