Hello Lovely people, and Happy St Patrick’s Day to all you Irish lovelies!

As some of my regular readers will know I stopped smoking. YAY! I stopped with the help of an Ecigarette 10 days ago and it’s going okay. I am very surprised that I don’t crave sweets/candy or chocolate, although I do seem to be drinking more coffee than usual, and then it takes me ages to get to sleep at night. I am going to try drinking some hot water with a slice of lemon instead today, see how I get on with that.

I did have some symptoms of withdrawal when I first stopped smoking. I felt very tired I had the screaming ab dabs for a couple of hours. After a couple of days I was experiencing a few headaches during the day and I felt nausea too. But all that is passed now I hope.

How am I feeling now? Great! When I wake the first thing in the morning I don’t have a bad taste in my mouth, I don’t have such a bad cough  and I don’t get breathless as quickly as I did. My sense of taste and smell is a lot stronger. We had a Chinese take out the other night with a spicy fried rice dish and my goodness I could taste the chilli! Our flat/apartment is even saying Thank you for not smoking! It’s smells so fresh now.



Yes, so with the help of Ecigwizard I am coping very well with stopping smoking. I shall probably carry on using the ecigarette for a couple of months then fingers crossed I can stop that too.

Thank you for your words of encouragement, it really means a lot to me. See you in a week for another STOPPING SMOKING update.

Bye for now.




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