GLAMOUR MAGAZINE….April 2014 edition.

Hello again lovely people.



Mark popped to the local shop the other evening for a few nibbles and came home with a couple of “glossies” for me. This April edition of Glamour was in a plastic covering as alongside it was a ModelCo lip enhancer or lip pencil. I shall be reviewing it at a later time, at the moment I am not too impressed with it. Also stuck to the front cover of the magazine is a 25% off at H&M discount card, which unfortunately for me is for in store only.

Cover girl this month is the beautiful Lea Michele of Glee fame, inside she tells of her love for Cory Monteith her co-star and boyfriend and how she has coped since his untimely death in July last year.

On various pages inside the magazine you find the usual sample perfumes and a body lotion sachet. There is also a fabulous competition to enter where you can win FREE Sky tv for a year plus £125 of wine £164 in chocolate £225 of beauty treatments and much more. The competition is actually worth a massive £4,500! It’s everything you need for a great night in at home.

There is also a super article of model Carmen Carrera, where she tells her story of being born a boy in New Jersey and becoming poster girl for transgender rights by heading a campaign to be a Victoria’s Secrets Angel.

Then there’s all your tips and tricks for Spring fashion and make up, the perfect scent for Spring and the pick of your perfect make up pencils.. you have a page devoted to the best sun glasses too! I liked the article “Get your beauty sh*t together” It’s all those things on your beauty to do list that you haven’t quite got around to doing, but you know you should be. There is even tips on taking “nail selfies” without making your hand look like a claw!

So that’s Glamour magazine April edition in a nutshell, and you can stick in your shopping trolley/cart when you go for groceries, it’s only £2.00.

Have a great weekend lovely people!





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