“UNDRESS ME TOO” Palette from MUA Make up Academy…..REVIEW

Hello again lovely people!

How happy was I when Mark (my other half) told me he had ordered me the eyeshadow palette that I have wanted for months, but each time I went to place an order it was out of stock! I now have in my possession the very pretty and versatile “Undress Me Too” palette from MUA Make Up Academy. Oh my, I love it! People have said that it’s a “dupe” for the “Naked 2” palette by Urban Decay. I can’t comment I have never seen any Urban Decay in real life. This is my eighth palette from MUA now! I think I may be a little obsessed.


UNDRESS ME TOO by MUA Make up Academy.

This eyeshadow palette is in a lovely clean white packaging instead of the usual black, it looks quite chic actually. It still has the branding written in gold though. The palette holds 10 beautiful shades, all neutrals. They are all warm shades with a couple of matte textures to contour the eye in the crease/socket area. I always use matte shades to give myself the illusion of a crease as my eyes are becoming hooded with age. The colours range from cream to beige to light brown to a pretty shimmery grey (although I would call it greige, a mixture of grey and beige!) there is also your dark browns and a black for those smokey eye looks.


The eyeshadows themselves are so buttery soft and very blendable, absolutely NO chalky-ness that I saw people on certain You Tube channels complain about! The double ended sponge applicator is even very good quality for a budget brand of make up. It’s not a silly squishy sponge it’s nice and firm and even though I never use them I think it will be great for smudging out eyeshadows for that smokey effect.


On the base of the palette it gives you a “mini masterclass” in how to achieve a look with shades from the palette, super idea and is exactly what MUA did with their super “Undressed” palette as well. I haven’t used the masterclass on myself yet, but I may give it a go and perhaps get Mark to take a pic or two(??!!) Anyway this beautiful palette is a snip at only £4.00 it’s going to be a huge favourite with me over the Spring and Summer. You can check out this and other super eyeshadow palettes from MUA HERE

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7 comments on ““UNDRESS ME TOO” Palette from MUA Make up Academy…..REVIEW

  1. I searched for this pallete in Superdrug but just couldn’t find it so I settled with the heaven and earth pallete which I love too!x

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