Hello lovely people!


Has Spring sprung for you yet? It’s getting warmer here in the UK now. The sun is shining and I can dry our laundry on the clothes line instead of in the tumble dryer. Yippee, saving money now too!! The daffodils and the crocus are all in bloom adding much needed brightness and colour to our gardens. It’s a lovely day!

Anyway, I am here to do The Spring Fever “Tag” that I have seen going around on the old “You Tube” it looks fun to do, and I did the “Sweater Weather” tag in the Autumn, so I thought that I would give this one a go too. There are 10 questions and I  hope you enjoy reading.

1. What eye palette will you use most this Spring?


I have just got a new palette from MUA Make up Academy, and I am just in the middle of writing a review of it. It’s the “Undress Me Too” palette. It’s a neutral palette and very pretty. The colours are beiges and greys with a super black for your smokey looks. I think that I shall more than likely be reaching for this one a lot.

2. What blusher in your collection is a Spring must? And what about lipstick too?


I think that has to be my Shimmer Kisses blusher from MUA. It’s a pink blusher with a light shimmer, I don’t need to use highlighter at all when I’m wearing this.


For lipstick it’s a choice of two from MUA in shade Pouty Pink and Peachy Keen. Both are matte lipsticks but I always put a slick of lip balm over the top to add a bit of sheen.

3. What nail polish do you love to wear in Spring?


I am loving the blues and lilac shades, but one I think I shall be wearing a lot this Spring will be one called “Bright Pink” simply because that’s what is is, it’s bright and it’s pink!

4. What is on your Spring break agenda?

I wasn’t too sure what this meant actually, I think it refers to school break? I’m not at school so I don’t have a Spring break.

5. What trends are you looking forward too, fashion nail polish make up etc?

Just ditching the dark colours and getting into something more colourful, wearing maxi dresses and strappy sandals at last.

6. What is your signature Spring scent?

Oh it just has to be Elizabeth Arden’s “Sunflowers” I love floral fragrances and this has been my favourite for years!

7. Do you have a Spring skincare regime?

Not really, but it is time to make sure you have the SPF on!

8. What is Spring like where you live?

Today it’s warm and sunny, an absolutely beautiful day. But this is England and anything can happen with our weather!

9. Florals, got to have them or make them stop?

I like floral as long as it’s not head to toe. So either a pretty floral skirt and plain top or vice versa.

10. Favourite activity to do in the Spring?

Packing up a picnic and taking it to the river and just sitting watching the wildlife and listening to the sounds of silence……ahhhhh

I would like to “tag” these lovely people to do this  next, but please anyone have a go too it’s really fun!






I hope all you lovely people have a fantastic Springtime!




6 comments on “SPRING FEVER TAG

  1. That is so crazy, I literally posted this tag yesterday and tagged you to do it. Quite clearly great minds think alike! Thanks for the tag, I loved reading your answers. I’ve only ever tried the nail varnish from MUA, I really need to try some other things from them. And I totally agree about ditching the dark colours for the pastels, I can’t wait for some better weather with sunshine! xxx

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