Hello again lovely people, I hope you are having a great weekend.

I have got a very random haul today, I wasn’t expecting them at all. First off I have at last got the palette I have been longing for forever.


MUA “Undress Me Too” Palette

My other half sneakily ordered it from MUA Make up Academy and it arrived yesterday. It’s the gorgeous “Undress Me Too” palette, apparently it’s supposed to be a “dupe” for the “Naked 2” palette by Urban Decay, who am I to say that it’s not, I don’t own anything from that brand so I can’t comment. I haven’t tried my new palette yet but when I do I shall be back with a proper review. Looks like Mark only just made it in time, it’s already out of stock AGAIN!



Oh yes, I am going to venture into a bit of nail art, so Mark also got me this lovely pack of dotting tools. I need to watch a good few tutorials on You Tube before I start I think.



I am giving up smoking, so Mark  picked us both up an electronic cigarette. His is the silver one mine is obviously the pink one. I will be doing a whole blog post on stopping smoking and reviewing the electronic cigarette too.

So, lovely people that’s my little random haul. Look out for my reviews and eventually some nail art maybe. Thank you for reading. Bye for now.





3 comments on “A REALLY RANDOM HAUL!!…..

  1. Very impressed with your other half! He obviously pays attention. I’ve never heard of the brand MUA before so look forward to your review. Good luck with your giving up smoking, hope you’re going to pop all your money you save into a jar and then treat yourself, just think of all the luxury things you can have with it and that may help encourage you!x

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