Hello again lovely people!

As my regular readers will know my favourite make up brand is MUA Make up Academy and I do have quite a collection of it. BUT, I’ve got other brands  in my make up drawer too. One brand is Ariane Poole and I have a few pieces but I must warn you this is not a budget beauty brand. I must also add that some of the products I have are no longer available, or the packaging has changed.

Concealer palette.


I love the silver metal packaging of this product it’s easy to keep clean. There are 3 shades of concealer light, medium and dark which not only cover and conceal really well it’s great for contour too. You can also mix the shades of concealer to your own customised colour, the product is creamy and very blendable with its own little brush or with any concealer brush. It’s great to cover dark circles around the eyes it covers up any spot or blemish and is super to cover any redness from rosacea or broken capillaries around the nose and cheeks. It’s a super concealer. It’s £19.00 and you can check it out HERE.

White Eye Pencil.


 This was the first white eye pencil I owned, and the only one come to think of it! It’s plastic packaging is white with silver branding on it. This is a retractable pencil so no need to hunt down the elusive sharpener! The product itself is soft and applies very easily to the water line to make the eyes seem more awake and brighter if you apply to the inner corners too.  One great tip Ariane gives for her white eye pencil is to apply to eyebrow hairs that want plucking out to get a great shape. I’m going to try this myself! I love this white eye pencil and I’m going to be using it a lot more methinks. It’s £9.00 and you can check this product out HERE.

Crystal Taupe Eyeshine.


 This is a product that I think has been dis-continued as I can’t find it on the Ariane Poole website. I loved this when I first bought it. This is an eyeshadow in a gorgeous taupe shade that flatters any age and skin tone. To apply this beautiful product you need to twist the top of the pen to release the creamy eyeshadow onto the spongy nib, then simply apply to the eyes. It goes on creamy but dries within about 30 seconds, you have to be a bit quick if you need to blend it.

Secret Highlighter.


 This product has had a name change and also now in a tube rather than in palette form. It’s exactly what it says it is, a highlighter and it’s in creamy formula. It has pink undertones and can be used anywhere you want to highlight. A touch under the brows, along the top of the cheek bones and on the cupid’s bow of the lips. If you would like to see the new version of this lovely highlighter it’s right HERE.

Bliss Flip Kit.



 This little palette is no longer available which is such a shame. It has two lipsticks an eyeshadow the secret highlighter a cream blusher and cream bronzer. The packaging flips up to open and the lid becomes a stand holding a super mirror. All the products in the kit are cream but they apply and blend really well and aren’t sticky. I think I paid over £30 for this palette. I do like this little make up kit a lot. Ooopps sorry about the smudged mirror!

Foundation Brush.


 I haven’t used this brush since I bought a stippling brush, but I seem to remember that it’s a gorgeous brush to apply foundation with. It works well with any type of foundation, I’ve even used it to apply a powder foundation from a different brand and it obviously is great to apply cream blusher too. It’s a nice little easy to handle product as it’s quite short in length making it easy to apply your foundation. This super little foundation brush is £19.00 and you can find it HERE. 

Well that’s my very small collection of Ariane poole cosmetics, I do like the brand very much. I first saw Ariane Poole on a daytime style show years ago, she was a regular make up artist where she gave some lucky people make overs. I then saw her some years later on the Ideal World shopping channel here in the UK  she was demonstrating her products which she used to do on her own face, not on a model. Super duper products! Click this LINK to go to her website.

Thank You for stopping by and reading about a few of my other make up.

Bye for now!





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