BAYLIS AND HARDING Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit Body Wash and Body Lotion….

Hello lovely people!

So I bring to you today a couple of bath-time treats I had for Christmas. A delicious fruity body wash and matching body lotion by Baylis and Harding an English company, that came in a lovely gift set.


Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit with Vitamin A B and C Body Wash. First the packaging on both products look as though you would pay a lot of coinage out for them, very classy and expensive looking. The bottle is plastic though with gold coloured top and the branding embossed on there too. The colour of the product inside is that of a juicy grapefruit, the flesh itself, not the peel. The fragrance is delicious, it smells light and fruity but did it smell of grapefruit or mandarin? Well yes actually I could smell both in there. In the bottle it smells more of mandarin to me but while using it in my bath on my “scrunchie” it smelled more of grapefruit. It contains Vitamins A B and C for skin condition and balance. I always bathe I don’t have showers and I use all my bath products on a “scrunchie” one of those nylon mesh type thingy’s. It lathers really well and I can shave with it too. After drying myself, no matter what body wash I use my skin is always a bit on the rough side and I do need a body lotion especially on elbows and knees and unfortunately it was no different with this delicious body wash.

Body Lotion. Although this is meant to match the body wash, it actually doesn’t smell like it in my opinion, it does complement it though it’s not clashing. The body lotion also has Vitamin A B and C to condition. It’s a light lotion and melts into the skin, I needed to use quite a lot of it to get myself feeling smooth and moisturised. but even though I had to use a large amount I wasn’t left feeling sticky, I could dress straight away. A nice body lotion and I will use it up. Take a look at the Baylis and Harding range HERE.

This set is going to be nice to use in the Spring and Summer time because of it’s light and fruity fragrance and I think I shall probably use my Elizabeth Arden “Sunflowers” perfume with it.

Thank you for stopping by and reading.



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