Hello lovely people. I hope you are enjoying the weekend.

My regular readers will know that I am a HUGE fan of MUA Make up Academy and FashionistA, so I thought I would share a little picture of my collection of said make up. 🙂



I know it isn’t as huge as some make up collections I have seen, but I have used every piece at sometime or other and there are still some products I want to purchase. MUA know how to do quality even though their prices are budget friendly. I have not found a bad product yet!

All the eyeshadows in my palettes are very pigmented and they blend like a dream.  MUA and FashionistA lipsticks are gorgeous, very moisturising with such a lovely sheen to them. I only have one cream blusher in my collection the rest are powders, both types are very blendable and buildable which is what I need, as some days I need more colour on my cheeks than other days. My foundation consists of a BB cream and matte foundation, but I always seem to go for the Undress Your Skin foundation, I love it. It brightens my skin, covers everything I need to cover and doesn’t sink into lines and *ahem* wrinkles, not that I have too many wrinkles at the moment! I have 3 face powders, one is MUA from their £1.00 range which is in compact form, my other two are both FashionistA and I have one of each, a loose face powder which is so light and silky and buffs onto the skin so beautifully, I can even use it under my eyes! The fashionistA powder compact is super in a classy black compact with a huge mirror, and it’s as light and silky as its loose sister. (Oh I say!) Even the little MUA £1.00 face powder is super coverage and light, I just can’t fault it at all.  MUA/FashionistA mascaras are super too, I have 5 altogether and I alternate between them. I have a bright blue mascara from the £1.00 range and that too it a very nice mascara, although I don’t use it I must admit, and that’s only because it makes me feel as though I am looking through a blue haze, I can actually see the colour when I am wearing it. I could go on a lot more yet, I haven’t mentioned primer, eye primer, concealer too. I really don’t want to get to boring for you.

I have 35 nail polishes from both  MUA and FashionistA from their various ranges. I have glitters, magnetic which I love and nearly all the shades from the MUA £1.00 range, some of which are the old packaging with the black tops. I’ve two bottles of cavier beads which I have to say I haven’t used in some time, but that’s only because they don’t last very long on me because I find myself picking them off!

Well that’s my MUA/FashionistA make up collection. I do have some products from other brands too which I shall feature at a later time. I have Collection 2000, Ariane Poole, YBF Cosmetics a couple of pieces from Jerome Alexander and Ready To Wear Cosmetics.

If you have any questions about my collection please feel free to ask either in the comments section below or on my Facebook page, and did you know I have Twitter too? 😉

Bye for now lovely people.



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