Welcome to the last day of Bloguary lovely people! This has been my own personal challenge to blog every day in February and to be honest it hasn’t been much of a challenge at all, I have loved it, I thought I would have a bit of “bloggers block” somewhere along the line but I’m happy to say I didn’t.

You may remember last year I did a “wish list” of some high end products that I would love to have in my life, you can check it out HERE if you would like to take a look. So on my last day of bloguary I thought I would make another “wishlist” but this time of more budget friendly products. I hope you enjoy reading.

MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Palette. 


This looks to be an amazing palette! Regular readers will know how much I love MUA’s cosmetics and their fab palettes.This is a beautiful black shiny palette, with gold studding on the lid and it also includes a huge mirror. Looking at it on the MUA website it seems to be pink toned shades with some dark tones, I think it has a mix of both shimmer and matte shadows, great for a smokey eye look. This beautiful palette is only £8.00 from HERE.

MUA Pro Base Complexion Kit.


I have wanted to get this for a while but never really got around to it. Inside you have a cream to powder foundation, concealer and a powder highlighter, it includes an application sponge and a brush. There are 5 shades to choose from and it’s only £3.50 from HERE

MUA Luxe Power Brow.


 I have been using the Brow kit from MUA and I love it, but I would love to give this a go too. It’s a double ended pen with the colour for your brows on one end and a highlighter to apply under the arch for definition. It’s a bargain at £3.00 from HERE

ELF Lip Primer and Plumper. 


I had this product recommended to me by lovely Sarah of Alternatively Alluring blog. I want to try this, but it’s out of stock on the ELF website at the moment, as soon as it’s back I shall be buying, using and reviewing the product. It looks like another bargain at only £3.95 check it out HERE


Barry M Silk Nail Effects Nail Polish.


These nails polish shades look absolutely amazing, the texture looks so pretty. Barry M says it’s a” matte sheen ” and there are 6 pretty shades to choose from, I want them all. I actually don’t own any Barry M nails polish! I think I am missing out on something fantastic here. To get these beautiful silk effect nail polish in your life check them out HERE


Well lovely people that’s it for my daily post in February, I hope you enjoyed reading. I am going to try and get at least 2 posts a week up, and if I do buy anything I have just put on my “wishlist” I will of course review them.

Bye for now lovely people, see you in March!



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