FEBRUARY EMPTIES….Bloguary Day 27….

Hello again lovely people. Well this is my penultimate post for Bloguary, I have been putting up a post now for 27 days straight, I’ve done a couple a day some weeks too. I really have enjoyed it, it’s kept my old brain active.

Today I bring you just a few empties, there have been a few more than this but they went in the recycling and the bin men already came before I remembered that I was going to an empties blog post.


My first empty product is a bath product, in fact it’s mostly bath products I’ve used up over the last couple of months. These products aren’t in any particular order of usage, this is purely at random. Sainsbury’s Skin Nourish bath cream with shea butter and jojoba. It smelt rather nice and there were quite a few bubbles from this cream coloured creamy bath soak. It did make my skin a bit dry though but was okay after using a body lotion.

Nivea Cream soft shower cream with almond oil. I used this as a body wash in the bath rather than in the shower and this is one of my favourite washes. I should have included it in my February favourites yesterday but it slipped my mind because it was in my empties bin. I got this in a gift set at Christmas. Oh it’s rather nice to shave with too, I just made a nice lather on my bath scrunchie and slathered it on my legs to shave, lovely smooth legs! Click HERE for my review.

I liked the fragrance of my Grace Cole shower gel, strawberry and kiwi it smelled delicious, but it was quite “watery” and I had to use quite a bit of it in my bath. It did make my skin a bit dry but I used the matching body lotion and it was fine. The fragrance lasted a while too. Click HERE for review.

Avon Anew Ultimate 7S Day Cream, this has been by far my favourite moisturiser in a long time I didn’t include this in my favourites yesterday either because I don’t know if I will be repurchasing  it at the moment. You can see my review of this day cream if you click HERE

MUA Make up Academy Kiss Proof Lipstain, I have two here in shades Fabalicious and Fruitilicious. They are only included in my empties because they have actually dried out I haven’t used them up at all. I think all “felt pen” type products should be stored on end so that the product inside is always in the nib, so it’s my own fault that they are dried up I just kept them in my vanity case. Hey ho. Click HERE to see my review.

Alberto Balsam herbal shampoo in sun-kissed Raspberry, with juniper and chamomile extracts. I love this shampoo not only does it smell gorgeous it makes my hair feel so incredibly clean, squeaky clean in fact. I have dry hair which I have coloured regularly but this shampoo just leaves it feeling soft smooth and shiny. I have the conditioner to match but it’s not quite empty yet, so maybe next time it will feature in my empties post.

So lovely people, I shall be back tomorrow for the very last day of Bloguary.



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