THE 5 SENSES TAG…….Bloguary Day 26.

Welcome to Bloguary day 26 lovely people.

I was just reading one of my beauty books, I got to the chapter all about our senses and I thought “cor blimey that would make for a good blog tag” so here it is The 5 Senses Tag. I hope you enjoy reading.




I love the taste of: Vanilla ice cream. I love all ice cream but vanilla is definitely my favourite, boring to some maybe but that’s how I roll.

I love the smell of: Coffee, when you first open that new packet of ground coffee it just makes me go “ahhh” and I also love the smell of fresh lavender flowers.

I love the sight of: My 3 Grandchildren when they come running out to the car when we arrive at their house, and I’ve got cake for them. There will be 4 Grandchildren to bake cake for in May, so excited! But the new baby won’t be eating cake for a while, don’t panic! lol

I love the sound of: The dawn chorus. In the Summer and dawn is breaking I love laying in bed with the window open and I can hear the Blackbirds singing. (Blackbirds are always up first) such a beautiful sound.

I love the touch of: My grandchildren’s kisses.

I hope that was okay? It was a bit random I know. So I now tag anyone who is reading this to do the 5 senses tag too.

Bye for now lovely people.




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