Well hello lovely people, I hope you are all well. Today I am bringing you my top 5 make up products, with just a little bit of a review of each. I hope you enjoy reading.



I had never been completely satisfied with any of the foundations I was using, that was until I discovered MUA Make up Academy, and they brought out their Undress Your Skin range. I decided to try the lovely  Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundation. You see, as I have got older my skin isn’t as perfect and glowy anymore and I need something to give me that glow back. As much as I would love to have Chanel Vitalumiere on my dressing table I can’t, we have a budget. So this is my foundation of choice. It covers all my imperfections, including the few tiny broken thread veins on my cheek and the slight redness on my chin. It has light diffusing particles which gives my skin the healthy glow back. It applies very nicely either with a brush or fingers and it blends perfectly too. It comes in 3 shades and I use shade Beige. It’s a super foundation for only £3.00.



 I’ve got a few of these as well and my favourite by far is Fashion Secret Vanishing Cream by Fashionista. It makes my skin look so much more smooth, lines are less noticable and so are my pores too. It also smells very nice too, a bit like almonds. It’s a cute little 6g pot for only £3.00



 Another Fashionista product that is so lovely and should cost more money than it does, is the loose powder which they call Shine Stopper. It is very light and soft and very finely milled by the looks of it. It doesn’t settle into the lines around my eyes and doesn’t go cakey at all. I use this to finish off my make up and if I’m going out I take the compact version with me. I wish that they did this in a bigger size than the 6g it’s such a lovely face powder, but it is only £2.00.



 I only got this eye liner at Christmas and I love it! It’s soft and creamy it glides on so easily and it doesn’t drag the skin of my eyelid. I am quite useless with liquid liner but I am very happy with this fab pencil. It is soft enough to use on the tight line without making my eyes sting which is something I like to do to make my lashes look longer. It also has a sharpener within the lid of the pencil, brilliant! The MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner Pencil is only £1.00 for goodness sake. I got mine in black.

Foundation Brush


 Yes my last favourite make up product is an application brush. I have always used the flat type of foundation brushes but when I got this MUA Stippling Brush it made my foundation look even better. It doesn’t leave brush strokes on the skin, my foundation blends in to perfection with this brush which is duo fibre. To stipple your foundation on you just tap your skin with the brush using the very tips of the white bristles. Using this method you will get flawless looking skin without any streaks. To top it off the bristles are synthetic, making it cruelty free. Magic! This super brush is a bargain at only £3.00.

Back tomorrow for Bloguary day 26, only 2 days left!



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