Hello lovely people!

Since I started blogging just over a year ago, I have been using my computer an awful lot more than I used too, I’ve used it even more since my daily posting with “Bloguary” and because of this my eyes have become a wee bit sore and itchy, and my eyelids actually feel like they are sweating if there is such a thing!



I’ve found a few things I can use to soothe them in my food cupboard and fridge that will save a few pennies too. For  start anything cool will soothe irritation and shrink eye bags so try putting cold teaspoons over your eyes for a few moments. I put my teaspoons in the fridge first. Slices of potato or cucumber are old remedies too. Try wrapping an ice-cube in cling wrap and stroking over the eye area.

There are a couple of remedies using Chamomile tea bags you can try too. Steep 2 Chamomile tea bags in boiling water for 5 minutes, then leave them to cool right down before placing over each eye. Relax for 10/15 minutes. OR use the tea that is left behind from steeping the tea bags, just add half a cup of rose-water (this will to tone and tighten the skin) take two cotton wool pads and soak in the mixture, place over the eyes and relax for 15 minutes. Chamomile is particularly good for the eyes as it’s soothing and reduces inflammation.

Green tea bags are also excellent for reducing puffiness around the eyes too as it contains anti-inflammatory properties. After you have made your green tea, take the cold tea bags and place over the eyes. Green tea is also a fab wrinkle fighting anti-oxidant too!

There is a fresh and fruity remedy in your fridge to help soothe tired eyes. Take slices of strawberry and place under the eyes lay back and relax for a few minutes, 15 minutes is always good! Then just cleanse and moisturise your face as normal. Strawberries do a fantastic job at reducing swelling and they contain Alpha-Hydroxy which can be found in all your expensive facial creams. I haven’t tried the strawberries under my eyes yet, but next time we buy some I am sure going to pinch a couple to try out. Roll on Summer for delicious English strawberries!

Gosh, that’s day 24 of Bloguary only another 4 days left for goodness sake. It’s gone so fast too. I am a bit late putting today’s post up though so apologies for that. It’s been my other half’s birthday weekend so I didn’t get this post ready in time to post at midnight GMT.

Anyway, I hope you have a good week lovely people.




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