STEAM FACIAL……Bloguary Day 23….

Hello lovely people. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

If you are at a loose end today maybe just relaxing before going back to work,  how about treating yourself to a relaxing steam facial. A steam facial will not only open up your pores to help rid them of any yucky impurities you miss during cleansing, it also plumps up the skin to soften any fine lines too and it helps with under-eye puffiness also.

First boil the kettle and pour the water into a large bowl. You can if you wish sprinkle a handful of dried herbs into the hot water, Camomile for instance will soothe the skin and the mind. Let the water cool a little, you want it to be hot, not scalding. Now drape a large towel over your head so that it will trap the steam as you lean your face over the bowl you will need to be at least 8 inches (20 cm) away. I usually put a thin layer of my eye cream around my eyes to protect the delicate skin around the area. Stay steaming for no longer than 10 minutes and take deep breaths through your nose. After the 10 minutes, press a flannel onto your skin or wipe over with a light toner. Apply moisturiser and relax.


If you have more time after steaming your face and before you use moisturiser, apply a clay mask to draw out any last yucky impurities from the opened pores, rinse  off with warm water then apply your moisturiser. Another tip is to pluck your eyebrows after a steam facial while the pores are open and warm.

Next time I have a steam facial I think I will apply a hair mask, as the steam will help the mask to penetrate more. Just a little warning, if you have problems with red veins, steaming can make them worse so make sure your water is warm rather than hot and don’t steam for any longer than 5 minutes.

I hope you will be nice and relaxed and ready to face the dreaded Monday morning.



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