A WEEK IN NAIL POLISH……Bloguary Day 21…

Hello lovely people, the weekend is upon us so I bring to a close the week in nail polish. I hope you enjoyed seeing just a few pretty polishes from my collection.

I shall be featuring some of my favourite magnetic nail polishes very soon on my blog, I had some new colours at Christmas which I haven’t worn yet, so reviews coming soon.



I just love this nail polish from MUA Make up Academy! This is one of their glitter polishes from the Mystical Glitter range, a pretty red that is slightly on the pink side. The glitter is very fine making it look so shiny on the nails. I applied two coats but you can get away with applying just the one coat. There are just four colours in the range, I wish there were more. The colour I have is STARFISH, and I so need to get all the others too! I don’t know if you could wear this glitter as a top coat for another polish, I haven’t tried yet.

Just a quick tip for you, always apply a base coat before a glitter polish. It will protect your nails from being scratched when you remove it.

This pretty Mystical Glitter nail polish is a bargain at just £1.25 and you can get it from HERE.


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