A WEEK IN NAIL POLISH…..Bloguary Day 19!

Hello lovely people, its bloguary day 19 already, and I bring you another pretty Springtime nail polish.



This one is a gorgeous turquoise blue from MUA called BOLD BLUE. It really is a very bright up-lifting shade of blue, and another one that is quite anti-ageing on my hands. I did have trouble with the application of this one, I needed at least four coats to get the coverage I wanted. Each coat seemed to leave brush strokes, but when I did get the coverage I wanted it’s very pretty and smooth. I must say even though I had to put on the four coats it does dry quite quickly, and it has a really nice sheen to it. I would love these nail polishes even more if MUA made the brush fatter, I don’t think I would have brush stroke issues then.

I really can’t grumble about these cute MUA nail polishes though, they are only £1.00 after all. You can get this bright and cheerful nail polish from HERE.

Back tomorrow with another pretty nail polish.



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