“A WEEK IN NAIL POLISH” Bloguary Day 18….

Hello lovely people.

Today I bring you another Springtime nail polish that I love. Yet again it’s from MUA Make up Academy this is called STRAWBERRY CRUSH, a very pretty bright pink shade but not too pink that it looks garish. It appears to be quite anti-ageing on my hands too, and I love that. It was opaque in two coats and dried within five minutes, it’s got a nice sheen to it but not quite as much as the one I featured in yesterday’s post. You can always put a clear top coat over it if you like more of a shiny polish.



I think that this is the one I shall be wearing most on my toes this Summer, it will look gorgeous as a tan develops or with a fake tan of course. Again, this is another shade of polish that is out of stock on the MUA website but you can purchase it from Superdrug.  HERE. I am rather puzzled by the photography of this colour on both MUA and Superdrug websites, both look entirely different to the colour I have here. Weird! I love the super cute bottles though apparently they are not unlike those from Essie. This super quality nail polish that applies like a dream is only a snip at £1.00, very nice thank you!

Back with another nail polish tomorrow, take care lovely people!



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