A WEEK IN NAIL POLISH!….Bloguary day 17!

Hello again lovely people!



Welcome to “A week in Nail Polish” where I will be sharing with you a different colour/shade of nail polish each day. I thought I would put away the dark wintry colours and get out my more bright springtime colours instead. My first choice is a gorgeous pinky red shade from MUA Make up Academy called “BRIGHT CORAL”. This polish applies very nicely and is opaque in two coats, and  dry in about 5 minutes,  it usually lasts me about 3 days before I have to change my polish. It doesn’t chip, it usually wears away from the nail edges first. It does have a very nice sheen to it, but if it does go a bit dull just wash and dry your hands, and it will bring the sheen back. This colour will look amazing on toes in the Summer! At present MUA seem to be out of stock of this particular colour nail polish, but you can check it out at Superdrug HERE  and it’s still only £1.00. Such an incredible bargain for a super nail polish.


Gosh, after putting this picture up I noticed that I have done a really awful paint job, so sorry about that lovely people. I do sometimes get such shaky hands! It’s still a very beautiful nail polish though I hope you will agree.

Wishing you all a great week.



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