My Beautiful Valentines Day Gifts……..Bloguary Day 15…..

Hi lovely people, I hope you are having a super weekend.

So, me and my fiance had decided that we were just going to give cards to each other this year for Valentines Day. After all he buys me gifts all year through. I popped out to the local shops to buy his card and saw an enormous bar of Galaxy chocolate and I thought well, I know he is bound to get me something other than a card, because that’s just his way. So I bought this huge chocolate bar for him. Guess what? I was right, a man with a white van stopped outside, rang the doorbell and handed me a large box and inside the box was a beautiful gift wrapped package. I didn’t want to open it till Mark got home from work, he was finishing early anyway. I just had to get a picture of it before I opened it.


When I did get around to opening it I was over the moon, it’s Calvin Klien’s new fragrance “Downtown”. I had the sample a while ago from Boots and loved it then. So I was a bit chuffed with this lovely gem of a present. It has the matching body lotion too.


He popped out after I had opened my present and came back with enough flowers to fill 3 vases, and a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon! When he handed me the flowers he said we can’t have Valentines Day without flowers! OMG, I was happy with my perfume. I have been really spoiled this Valentines Day I am very lucky, and all I bought Him was a big bar of Galaxy chocolate. Doh.

So what did you get from your loved one? I would love to know because I’m nosey like that.



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