MATURE MAKE UP part 3- Lips… Bloguary Day 13!

Hello again fellow beauty lovers! Welcome to Bloguary day 13, I hope this isn’t unlucky for me! Today it’s lips with just a few tips for older beauties out there.

Younger persons lips tend to be plump, pink and rosy, but as we age our lips lose volume, colour and also the fulness around the outline and because of this can cause our lipstick to “bleed” into any fine lines around the mouth. I must admit I am lucky enough to not have suffered from this, YET! So what can we do to get our lips more luscious looking, apart from cosmetic fillers?

Lip-plumping products can help and they work in a couple of ways. All of them are very moisturising, and at the same time give a very flattering glossy look to the lip. Some may contain light reflective pigments which will create the look of plumper lips. There are some that contain ingredients like cinnamon extract, clove oil or even chilli. These cause a mildly irritating reaction which make the tissue of the lips tingle and swell, hence you will get the look of plumper lips. It’s a sensation that one would have to get used too methinks. I have never used a lip plumping product, but I do plan to buy one to see if it really does work, so I shall get back to you on that one.


Of course MUA Make up Academy do a lip plumping product in lots of gorgeous shades, called Out There Plumping Lip gloss and this will be the one I shall “plump” for. (ha ha ha) check it out HERE.

Another way towards luscious lips is to just use the right lipstick. Dark lipstick will make our thinning lips recede, while a light to medium shade will make them stand out, avoid dark matte and frosted shades too and always choose a lipstick that’s moisturising. To stop the dreaded “bleeding” of our lipstick into fine lines, is to line the lips. One way is to use a very fine brush and a concealer. Line your lips and make sure the line meets in the corners of the mouth, and blend well. The other way is to take a neutral lip pencil and line the lips, again making sure it meets in the corners of the mouth. So what about lip gloss? Oh yes use it! But don’t slather it on thickly, just apply your usual lipstick then  add the gloss to the centre of the lips. Another great tip is to dab a tiny bit of highlighter above the cupid’s bow this is certain to make your lips more “pouty! One tip I saw on amazing make up artist Wayne Goss’s You Tube channel was to take your lip liner straight across your cupid’s bow then apply your lipstick, basically you fill in your cupid’s bow. I have tried this and yes it works, it made my lips look fuller. I guess it depends on how you feel about not having your cupid’s bow!

Here are just a couple of my favourite lipsticks.





Oh yes I know I said stay away from matte lipsticks, but these from MUA are really moisturising, and I always add a touch of lip balm on top to add a touch of sheen. Click HERE to go to MUA Make up Academy. You can take a look at the yummy lip balm too!



How do you exfoliate your lips? I never use a lip scrub, I always exfoliate my lips as part of my skin care routine now. I apply my Nivea Essential Care lip balm then take a cotton bud and roll it over my lips and to the outline. I wipe it away with a cotton pad then hey presto! lovely soft moisturised lips.



I think I shall get cheeky tomorrow peeps. 🙂 Bye for now!



3 comments on “MATURE MAKE UP part 3- Lips… Bloguary Day 13!

  1. Lovely post! I’ve not heard of Fashionista; do you know where they’re sold?
    Also, ELF have a duo lip plumper/primer which is inexpensive and actually works on my own thin lips! So they might be worth a try if you were searching for one?
    🙂 xx

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