MATURE MAKE UP pt2….Featuring MUA Make up Academy and Fashionista…Bloguary Day12!

Welcome to Bloguary day 12! I can’t believe I have made it this far, I have really been exercising my brain for the last 2 weeks but I have loved every minute of it! I hope you have too, and today I thought I would continue with the second part of my Mature Make up series, I have covered skin and eyebrows so today I shall be sorting out the eyes,  Here goes!

Lets start with eye make up! Really strong colours can look harsh on older skin and may highlight areas you don’t want to draw attention too! So change to softer versions of colours you used to wear, or go for neutral shades like Taupe, Peach, Rose (not pink) and Brown. I have some gorgeous palettes that I personally think are ideal for a mature lady. Some of which are pictured below and they are all from MUA Make up Academy

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200


This palette is lovely, and all the shades are slightly shimmery, NOT glittery and can be blended lightly for a soft finish. Slightly shimmery eyeshadow on the eyelid only will help to lighten up the area and make the eye look more open and awake. Take a look HERE it’s at the super price of £3.00.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200


Another palette that I am very fond of holds  more neutral shades and it also varies well for softer looks, a more natural eye look. Great for everyday, work make up. It’s HERE  and only £4.00.



But my go to palette for every day which holds all matte shades is one of MUA’s newest additions to their range. It’s the ideal for any mature lady who loves eye make up, absolutely no shimmer or glitter at all, very anti ageing. Get it from HERE and it’s only £4.00.

When I do my own make up, I try to make my eyes look more “uplifted” I always prime first and make the eyelid as nude as possible and all one colour. I then apply a base colour to the lid, a light shade to make the eyes “pop” Sometimes it might be a slightly shimmery texture. Next I would apply slightly darker shade to the outer corner of my eye, and blend blend blend. Blending is the key to a great look! I have, with the aging process taken on a “hooded” eye so I don’t have a proper crease anymore. So now I have to give myself a crease instead. I take a darker neutral shade and where my crease used to be I apply the eyeshadow, but I go further up towards my brow to give the illusion that I now have a crease. (Maybe one day I will have the courage to actually stick my face on my blog!) I then take a light neutral shade and blend out the crease colour so there are no harsh lines. Lastly I would add a highlight shade to just under the brow.

I had long eyelashes once upon a time. Now like everything else I have to help them to look good. I always have to curl them. I apply one coat of mascara then apply my eyelash curlers for about 10 seconds, then add another coat of mascara. wriggling the brush from side to side to help lashes to separate. I then go onto my blusher while the mascara dries, and then apply a last coat of mascara. We are told to give up black mascara as we age, but sorry make up police I can’t!



One of my favourite mascara’s at the moment is another Fashionista product. This gives super lashes for me, especially when used with my eyelash curlers. As this is a two-step mascara I can use the white primer first, then use my eyelash curlers then a couple of coats of mascara, fab! You can buy this mascara at the moment from Superdrug  right HERE and it’s £8.00.

For eyeliner I do have a bit of trouble. I can’t do a liquid liner, I’m rubbish. But I do try to apply either a pencil liner or contrast eyeshadow on a slanted brush and apply to my top lash line. One effect I am particularly trying to get used too, is the applying of a black pencil to the tightline. (Inside top waterline) it really does make your eyelashes look longer. I never line the inside of my bottom lashes anymore, I used to wear the look all the time when I was younger but now as I have got older it just makes my eyes look smaller.



My MUA eyeliner pencil that I got for Christmas is just fab. It is so soft and creamy, and when I try to apply it to my top lash line it doesn’t drag the skin. It’s brilliant for tightlining too. I do need to get myself a brown and a green methinks, after all they are only £1.00 from HERE

Okay, I have covered the eyes now! (Oh dear can these puns get any worse?) Next in the series of Mature Make up Tips I shall be talking lips and cheeks. I bet you can’t wait! ha ha ha.

Thank you for reading.




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