Mature Beauty Tips…. Eye brows… Bloguary Day 9

Hello Friends and fellow beauty lovers.

Welcome to Bloguary Day 9! firstly I would like to say Thank You for the lovely comments I received from my blog post yesterday, My Mum My Inspiration. They were all so nice and I was very touched.

Today I am sharing a couple of tips for having neatly groomed eyebrows, as we all know our eyebrows are the frame for our face and if you have well groomed eyebrows and a touch of mascara on the lashes you are good to go.

Accentuating the arch of your eyebrows will give your eyes a natural lift, whereby the highest point of each eyebrow should line with the outer edge of the iris of your eye. I found this super little picture that gives a good idea for well shaped eyebrows.


I find it easier to pluck my eyebrows after my bath as the pores are open. You can however place an ice-cube over the area to numb it slightly, for  pain free plucking! Another tip is to use baby’s teething gel! Did anyone ever tell you only pluck hairs from underneath your brows? This is just a myth however, stray hairs on the top of your brows can look messy and horrid and completely ruin your whole look. Don’t go crazy with the tweezers there though as brow hair grows back less quickly than any other part of our body, so take it slow.

Okay so now we have plucked and shaped, we need to define them. Never use a pencil to define your eyebrows if you are a mature beauty. Using a powder is much kinder and gives a more natural look. You should invest in a stiff angled eyebrow brush and a matte eyeshadow, one that is suitable for your colouring. Starting at the inside corner and work towards the outside, use light feathering strokes to add colour to the hairs, not onto the skin. I very much used to use eyeshadow and an eyebrow brush to define my eyebrows and it does work a treat. To keep them in place I used a touch of hairspray on an old clean mascara brush and brushed through them. Now though I have been using and loving this fab brow kit from MUA Make up Academy. It has all you need for perfect eyebrows. 3 colours of powder plus a setting gel and also in this neat little kit is the stiff angled eyebrow brush and a nifty pair of tweezers.


If you want to take a peep at the eyebrow kit I use, have a look HERE it really is a super little kit for only £3.50!

Okay so that the eyebrows defined! (ahem) I think Bloguary day 10 needs to be nail polish day methinks. I have a gorgeous black polish and 2 equally gorgeous glitter polishes that need an airing.

Bye Bye for now.



One comment on “Mature Beauty Tips…. Eye brows… Bloguary Day 9

  1. I am a big advocate for groomed brows. Thank you for those tips; ice and teething gel. Whoo knew? I love Hourglass Cosmetics’ Arch pencil and Urban Decay’s Brow Box. Those are my Holy Grail brow products. xx

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