Make up for Mature ladies….Using MUA Make up Academy and Fashionista. Bloguary Day 8…

Hello friends!

So I originally started this blogging lark mainly because there were not many beauty blogs for us more mature beauty minded ladies! But I seem to have gone a bit “off piste” haven’t I? I treasure each and every one of my gorgeous younger followers, and Thank You all so much for reading, commenting and liking what I am doing. But I hope you all don’t mind if I do the thing that I originally set out to do, I am going to dedicate this post to the older beauties out there. I thought to start off with  I would tell you how and what make up I use and some anti aging tips, I shall be doing this between two posts because I think it might be rather long otherwise.

As a mature lady I have found my skin-care regime, cleanser, toner, moisturiser  and eye cream and I should think many of you are exactly the same, so I shan’t bother with that. If you want a skin-care regime post let me know in the comments.

So, Let’s talk make up shall we?

As we age, with regards to make up it is said that “less is more”  having said that, don’t make the mistake of going completely bare-faced, apparently those ladies amongst us who regularly wear make up do tend to have less environmentally damaged skin. I love wearing my make up and it’s nice to know that I am not doing any harm to it, in fact I am protecting it. Nice! One thing I can’t protect my skin from is aging, and as I have got older it isn’t as smooth looking as it used to be. I have enlarged pores, redness on my chin and around my nose too. Thankfully due to technology  I can do things to give the appearance of younger looking skin. One of my favourite cosmetics products is face primer. Not only does it help your make up stay put, it also helps to lessen the appearance of large pores, and also any lines and wrinkles appear smoother.

Capture (2)

I love this one by Fashionista,  I’ll leave links at the end of this post for where you can buy all the products, and also link for you to check out my reviews too.


Also as we age our skin can appear grey and dull, so for foundation we need one that is light diffusing to give the skin a luminous finish. Don’t go for a thick heavy matte foundation as it can emphasise things we don’t want it too! I have been using Undress your Skin from MUA Make up Academy and I am a big fan of this foundation.


I do sometimes need a concealer to help cover up my dark circles and the redness and this is when you need to be careful when concealing under the eyes as it can settle into the fine lines. I have two concealers on the go, and each one does a different job. The Cover and Conceal from MUA I use around my eyes, it covers what I need to cover but it is a light consistency and it doesn’t sink into my lines.


My other concealer is the Hide and Conceal from MUA. I use this on any red areas I have, for example I get slight redness on my chin, around my nose and I have tiny broken capillaries on the cheek area. They aren’t that noticeable but I would rather hide them. So sorry about the stock pics, I think I may have lost my own somewhere!


Something else I need to conceal is my eyelids before I can think about putting colour on them! Eyelids can become discoloured as we get older getting what I call “teabag stains” I could use my concealer but sometimes it can cause my eyeshadow to crease. So I use an eye primer over my eyelids, it covers the discolouration and also helps to make my eyeshadow last longer.


Lastly, after all the priming and foundation and concealing, we need to set everything in place and to stop shine. Use a light face powder, be it a loose powder or a compact powder. But apply it with a brush for a lighter finish. I love my Fashionista Shine Stopper loose powder.

Okay so that’s our base covered (pardon the pun there!) Next episode will be some tips for blusher, highlight, eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick.Review of Undress your Skin foundation, Fashionista Shine Stopper, Fashionista Vanishing Cream primer can all be found right HERE  It appears while I was searching for reviews  on my concealers there doesn’t seem to be one! This I shall remedy and get around to it asap.

Shop for MUA Make up Academy and Fashionista HERE

BFN (Bye for now)



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