My Mum….My Inspiration…..Bloguary Day 7

Hello friends, Welcome to Bloguary day 7

I hope you will forgive me for this very personal post today, it’s dedicated to my beautiful Mum who I lost 6 years ago today.


I shan’t get maudlin, I am only going to write about my Mum and the reason why I  have always loved make up and beauty. Mum is the reason. She enjoyed it too, she loved nice clothes, getting her hair and nails done. Over the years I can remember her working for a couple of cosmetics companies. The earliest memory I have, was of her selling for a company called “Studio Girl” I think it was through door to door selling. This was way back in the 1960s!

I can always remember her using a “spit and brush” mascara, which was a little palette with a small “cake” of black stuff inside it, along with a small brush that looked rather like a tiny toothbrush. You had to wet the brush and “scrub” the brush along the cake of black product and apply to the lashes. If water wasn’t to hand then saliva was used, hence the name “spit and brush”

Another couple of cosmetic companies that Mum worked for was Vanda Cosmetics, I think this was selling via party plan. I seem to remember the strange shaped bottles of cleanser and toner. Later, in the 1980s she started selling Avon which she absolutely loved, and quickly became a top-selling rep, winning loads of wonderful prizes.

Mum loved fashion too, and became a demonstrator for Pippa Dee a party plan fashion company. She was an extremely good saleswoman and very much liked by her customers. She loved scarves and jewellery, and I am lucky enough to have some of her beautiful scarves that I wear now, and a few pieces of her lovely jewellery too. Her favourite fragrance was Chanel no5 and I still have a little purse spray atomizer of hers, it’s empty but I can still smell the scent and remember Mum wearing it. Maybe one day I shall have a refill for it.

Our Mum not only loved make up and beauty and nice clothes, she also loved her family. She loved to cook and bake for our family get together, the table was always heaving with Mums baked deliciousness! I miss those times very much.

Well, that is a little insight into why I love doing what I do. Enjoying beauty and make up is all down to my beautiful Mum. I often wonder what she would think of this little blog of mine, I hope she would enjoy it…….

Thank you  for reading.




13 comments on “My Mum….My Inspiration…..Bloguary Day 7

  1. Lovely, touching post.
    I really think your mom would love your blog! 🙂
    Mine’s also an Avon rep; such a popular brand and it’s grown so much over the years!

  2. You couldn’t have written a more beautiful, heart-warming and touching post. It’s a wonderful collection of unforgettable memories of the woman who made you what you are.
    If your mum were still here today, she’d have a blog too. And she’d be immensely proud of you sharing both your and her beauty wisdom. xx

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