Hello, It’s Bloguary day 4!

I hope you are all Living Life Beautifully! I haven’t used my little catchphrase in ages have I? I used to use it at the beginning of my posts or at the end, but somehow it seems to have been forgotten about. (Note to self: remember LLB) 🙂

Okies, so I bring you today a review of a couple of gorgeous little beauties that I had for Christmas from my daughter, son-in-law and my gorgeous Grandchildren. It’s this beautiful Champneys vanity case filled with the most yummy spa treats.


The case itself is beautiful, but I am bringing to you two of the products in particular, the shower gel and body lotion. Let’s start with the shower gel.

Citrus Blush Shower Gel


This is an amazing luxurious shower gel, it smells fantastic with orange peel oil, lemon oil and cardamom. It’s very uplifting, and as soon as I opened the tube the fragrance just hit me, it was like wow! One of the scents that I thought I could smell was ginger, maybe it was my imagination I checked the ingredients and there was no sign of ginger! The shower gel itself lathered beautifully on the bath scrunchie/body polisher and I didn’t need to use a lot of product either, hooray to that, it will last longer! The tube itself is a massive 200ml and will last 24 months when opened, which is brilliant because this for me is for special times, not every day. As I said before, I had this in a gift set but if you want to give it a try for yourself you can buy Champneys Citrus Blush shower gel  from Boots. HERE. for £3.00 which at the moment is half price! Gorgeous.

Citrus Blush Body Lotion


So, although the body lotion is in partnership with the shower gel it has different ingredients. This has lemon, mandarin and almond oil and vitamin E and also cardamom. The mandarin is in there for energising properties, the lemon and cardamom and almond oil to soften the skin, the vitamin E to condition. This body lotion does make my skin soft and smooth, although I do have to use rather a lot of it on my dry legs, but the fragrance does last for ages. It’s a very luxurious thick lotion and sinks in beautifully, and my skin wasn’t sticky at all after using it. A massive 200ml tube with a shelf life when opened of 24 months. You can also get this from Boots but it is currently out of stock, obviously due to the half price offers on Champneys products.

Righto then, if you fancy joining me on my Facebook page please do, every Tuesday I share a beauty tip and I call this “Tips on Tuesday” original yeah? Hope to see you there.



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