Bloguary day 3! How I Clean My Make-up Brushes.

Hi there and welcome to Bloguary day 3!

I have just been cleaning my make up brushes so I thought I would share with you how I do it. I should think everyone  does this job in the exact same way, but if you are just starting out in make up it’s always a handy thing to know isn’t it?

I don’t have really expensive make up brushes, saying that I do have a rather beautiful set of brushes that my OH (other half) bought me for Mother’s day last year and I don’t have a clue how much they were. The brand is Fraulein, and they are rather nice to look at don’t you know. The bigger brushes do tend to shed their bristles a bit both on applying make up and also while washing. I also have two fab brushes from MUA Make up Academy, the stippling brush and the eyeshadow contour brush, and they don’t shed when I use them or indeed when I wash them. Okay so to washing my brushes then.

First I gather all my dirty brushes together. Then into the bathroom I go and run some tepid water into the hand basin. Grab some shampoo, you don’t need any special shampoo at all I just use what is on the bathroom shelf at the time. Now take one brush, I usually start with the thicker powder and blusher brushes first and work my way down in size! Dip brush into the water, being careful NOT to get the metal barrel that holds the bristles, wet. This is because it can cause the barrel to rust. Now put a small amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand and swirl the brush in it, squeeze the bristles gently as you go and keep dipping them into the water and swirling the brush in your hand until none of the old product comes out of the brush.


Lay the brush to one side and continue doing the same with all your brushes. To make sure that they are fully rinsed with no more shampoo in the bristles I usually run each brush under a cold running tap. Take a clean towel and squeeze the bristles gently until they are just damp. You can then leave your brushes to dry naturally laid flat on a clean towel. I NEVER leave my brushes to dry standing in a brush holder as they tend to go rather fluffy with the bristles splayed out, I’ve done this in the past with other brushes and it rendered them useless, especially powder/blusher brushes. They were never the same again. Lesson learned methinks!


Back again tomorrow for bloguary day 4!



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