Nivea Super Soft Skin……Bloguary day 1

Hi fellow beauty lovers! Welcome to the first day of Bloguary!

I thought I would share with you my thoughts on one of my Christmas presents that my fiance bought for me. I love anything Nivea and this gift went down very well with me.

This is the Nivea Supersoft Skin gift set and I love it. It has everything one needs for smooth soft skin, be it the skin on our face, body, hands, lips even our underarms!


Let’s start at the beginning which, as the song goes, is a very good place to start.



I have been using this as a body wash in the bath and it just feels so silky on the skin. I use it on a bath scrunchy and you  don’t need a lot.  The shower creme itself contains Almond oil for moisturising and it has a mild scent which to me is different to the traditional scent of Nivea products, it’s a very fresh scent a cooling scent, it doesn’t have the almond oil fragrance I might add. I do have very dry skin and sometimes after a bath my skin can feel a bit itchy, but it seems to be less so since I have been using this as a body wash. Because it lathers so well I used it to shave my legs and underarms too. You can get this gorgeous 250ml shower cream from Boots, £1.99.



This is another really gorgeous moisturising product from Nivea and it’s a multi-tasking one. This is suitable for face, body and hands which would be great for travel methinks. I have used this on all three areas and it certainly made my dry old legs smoother, I have a scar from a leg ulcer I had a few years ago,  it gets really dry and flaky where new skin formed, and I have always had trouble with finding something to keep it soft and moisturised, regular body lotion wouldn’t touch it. But this is so creamy and moisturising with the Jojoba oil and Vitamin E within it, it keeps my horrid scar soft and smooth. Using it as a body cream too is wonderful, it is so incredibly refreshing! It sinks in really well and I didn’t feel sticky, I could dress straight away. It has the usual Nivea fragrance, that wonderful fresh clean scent that I love! This will only set you back £4.28 for a 200ml pot again from Boots.



Invisible for black and white. This smells really lovely and not to highly fragranced with a clean fresh floral scent. It’s a clear formula in a glass bottle. It has white mark protection, so that when you are getting dressed you shouldn’t find those awful white “skid” marks on your clean clothes. (Just how annoying is that!!) The formula is also Anti- yellow staining too, which aims to keep your delicate light clothing from becoming stained. I get “hot flushes” and can sometimes feel terribly sweaty (oh the joys of being 50 something!) and I have found this great for keeping me fresh and dry too. I can’t tell you if it works over the 48 hours as stated on the bottle I haven’t worn it continuously for that time. This 50ml bottle is £2.10 from Boots.



This is typically Nivea. The fragrance, the light but creamy texture and so cooling when applied to the skin. It moisturises and protects the skin with a spf of 15, which is what we want in a moisturiser is it not? This super day cream contains Vitamin E and Hydra IQ ( meaning it gives non stop moisturisation for 24 hours!) The cream itself sinks in right away and doesn’t feel sticky after applying. The one shown here is for normal/combination skin which is wrong for my dry skin, but it is in my gift set so I have been using it, and I was surprised that it actually moisturised my dry skin, but only for a couple of hours. It is a very nice day cream and I would like to try the right one for my skin type. A 50ml tube is £3.99 at Boots.



This lip balm is so rich, it contains jojoba oil and shea butter and you can feel the creaminess when applying it to the lips. I have quite a few lip balms (well 4 to be exact!) and this is the one that I am applying at night as part of my night time skin care regime, and it’s moisturises my lips and keeps them hydrated all through the night. I sometimes have to put a fan on next to me while in bed for those “hot flush” times, and even then my lips are never dry. This 4.8g tube costs £1.65 from Boots.



Once again another product containing the Hydra IQ technology, also contains sea minerals. It absorbs really quickly and isn’t sticky at all. I always massage any hand lotion into my nails and around  them to help keep the cuticles soft and hydrated, and this hand lotion is just the ticket for that. After I have applied the lotion, my hands stay soft and hydrated for quite sometime,  I do use it after each time my hands have been in water. Get this from Boots for £3.05.

Well that’s Bloguary day 1 and only 27 to go! Back tomorrow for Bloguary day 2!


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