Fairy Dust One Coat Nail Polish from MUA Make up Academy


I found these glitter nail polishes that I had completely forgotten about in my collection the other day, so I pulled them out and decided to give them an airing. On using them I remembered that it was a love love hate relationship with them. These are the Fairy Dust Nails one coat glitter nail polish by MUA Make up Academy. For me these aren’t a glitter polish per say. The “glitter” is extremely fine and dense and you can’t really see that it is a glitter nail polish. After applying it to the nails it gives more of a shiny effect rather than glittery, which I do quite like. There are just 3 shades in this collection, “Purple Mist, “Rose Dust” and “Wings” One coat is all that’s said is needed for the application for these polishes, but is one coat really enough? For 2 of the colours yes. For me I think that this brush is too thin, it needs a wider flat brush for the one coat application, it also dries in about 2 minutes. Great!


Purple mist

This nail polish colour is more lilac than purple to me. But all the same it is very pretty and will be gorgeous for nights out when the Summer finally gets here! One coat application? Yes indeedy and is really shiny too. I like this a lot its a natural shade but not so natural that it looks bland.


Rose Dust

I love this colour, it’s my favourite out of the 3. It applies like a dream in one coat and just looks so pretty on the nails. I am a sucker for pink anyway. It’s very shiny which I love, and so girly too.



I absolutely hate this colour! I usually love gold glitter nail polish but this is just disgusting. I applied  the one coat, just the same as I did with the other two colours, but as you can see from the picture the coverage is awful. It makes my nails look as though they are in a bad condition and very stained. The polish itself had “separated” in the bottle, and there was whole lotta shaking going on to try to mix it up again. I tried “stirring” the polish with the brush in the bottle, I shook the bottle while it was upside down too. It must have taken me a good 5 or so minutes to finally get the polish amalgamated enough to apply to my nails. When I did, I remembered that this was why I had shoved this one away in a drawer. Sorry MUA  I love your products so much,  but this really is shocking!

Enjoy your weekend peeps!


2 comments on “Fairy Dust One Coat Nail Polish from MUA Make up Academy

  1. Thanks for the honest review. Too bad Wings is such a nightmare. But I guess even MUA is allowed a stinker every once in a while.
    Do you think you could use it as shimmer top coat over green or black? If the formula stays more or less intact without much shaking and stirring, that is…

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