Disappointing Products of 2013….

Welcome back fellow beauty lovers.

So although I did rave about a few beauty products last year, some of them in the end proved to be very disappointing sadly. Here are just a few that I liked at the start of using, but not so much after all.

Avon Nail Experts Gold nail strengthener. Yes it has gold within the product which helps to strengthen and brighten the nail. At first I loved it, but after a while with regular use (I used it as a base coat) I thought my nails began to look a bit yellow when I removed the treatment. I have now gone back to using my faithful Rimmel Nail Nurse


Now this is something I wouldn’t purchase. L’Occitane hand cream, I just don’t like it. Am I weird? It smells incredible yes, but I found it to be very sticky on my hands and wouldn’t sink in very well. The one I have, was a “freebie” inside Marie Claire magazine last Summer.


Now I think this will surprise you. A product from my beloved MUA Make Up Academy has made its way onto my disappointing products list!! admittedly it’s not the product that is a disappointment, more the colour I chose. This £1.00 mascara is very nice and made my lashes look great, but I wasn’t happy with the colour. It looked nice on but it made me feel as though I was looking through a blue haze. I could see the colour of my eyelashes all the time I was wearing it and it was totes annoying! Sorry MUA.


Organic Surge Eye Gel. This was part of a prize package that I won from The Guardian newspaper last year. I loved most of the products, and to start with I enjoyed using this product. But I don’t know if it was because of my age and getting drier skin I just felt it was doing nothing for my eyes, they didn’t feel smooth and moisturised and it actually felt quite sticky. Concealer would stick to it and wouldn’t blend to a smooth finish.


Avon Naturals hair refresher, smells absolutely gorgeous of cherry blossom. Yes it did do a good refresh job if I was going out and didn’t have time to wash my hair. BUT I couldn’t use it two days in a row as it made my hair feel greasy at the roots but flyaway on the ends, when I brushed my hair it would lift with the static from my hairbrush. Such a shame, it made my hair smell so nice.

I didn’t have that many products that disappointed me last year, I’m hoping I don’t find any at all in 2014. Were any of your products a bit of a disappointment for you over the last year, or were you completely happy with all your beauty purchases? Let me know in the comments below, or you could click and join me on my Facebook page too.

Bye for now.


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