My Christmas Hero….

So apart from my OH (Other Half) being my hero, I do have another hero in my life, A hero product that is! This product has saved my nails from a fate worse than death in the past.

I used to wear acrylic nail tips a few years ago which I used to do at home myself. I got fed up with them after a year or so,  having to regularly do in fills as the natural nail grew underneath the acrylic nail. I had the white french tips and I couldn’t wear a colour on top as the underneath of the nails glared white! I got bored with them. I decided to remove them completely but my natural nails looked a mess! They were rough, so I filed them with my glass nail file. They were paper-thin almost tissue paper-thin, and they were so very dry.

I filed them right back to very very short and soaked them in olive oil for a while. That got moisture back into them alright, but they were still growing back really very weak and were peeling as soon as I got any length to them, I almost relented and got my acrylic nail kit back out again. Then my other half popped along to our local pharmacy and picked me up this AMAZING product.


Rimmel Nail Nurse Nail Rescue

This super-duper product really has rescued my nails from the terrible ravishes from wearing acrylic nail tips. It truly is my “Hero” and I will be forever grateful to Rimmel for it. (Sorry, a bit OTT there)

Once I had this in my grasp, I started using it straight away. Here’s  how I did it.

I filed my nails with my glass file right back. I washed my hands then pushed back the cuticle. I then applied one coat of the Nail Nurse to each of my nails. After application my nails did look instantly healthier, so shiny and pink I was so pleased. I followed the instructions of this treatment to the letter. I had to apply a new coat (without removing the first coat) every day for 7 days ( so you basically have 7 coats of the treatment on your nails by the end of the week) After the 3rd day I noticed that my nails were starting to grow back without the horrid rough edge to them, I could feel that they were growing stronger too. I never put colour on my nails at all while I was doing the treatment. On the 8th day I removed the Nail Nurse, washed my hands and was able to file my nails to the shape I wanted. I then applied another coat of the treatment, and continued all week with 1 application each day for another 7 days. Patience is a virtue when undergoing this treatment, and I had plenty because I wanted beautiful nails, now I am as happy as  larry with them.

Every couple of months I do the same 14 day treatment, and I also use Nail Nurse as my base coat for colour too. If you are having nail problems give this a try, I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you are in the UK you will find this amazing product HERE. There are also other nail treatments in this range too.

So, what’s your Hero product? What product do you re- purchase?

I hope you are having a great week, Bye for now.


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