All About Eyes….

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I found this “Tag” on You Tube, it’s by a lovely lady who has become one of favourites to watch. I enjoyed watching her tag and as I don’t do videos I thought that I would have a go at the “All About Eyes” tag, blog style! I hope you enjoy it and I tag everyone who has eyes to have a go too! 🙂

What eye cream/serum do you use? I am still currently using my Avon Anew Ultimate 7S eye system and  I am just loving this so much I never want to change! If you would like to read my full review of the product go HERE please.


What is your favourite under eye concealer? I love the MUA  Cover and Conceal wand. It is just so light and creamy, doesn’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles and is great for hiding my bit of darkness that I have on my inner corner of my eyes, and it will last all day.


What is your favourite eye primer? This is the only eye primer I have tried, so I have to say MUA  Eye primer. I can’t leave you a link to check it out as it doesn’t appear to be on their online store. But I have found this a must, especially as I am getting hot flushes now and sometimes feel as though my eyes are “sweating” (???) and I don’t want my eye shadow to slide off.  It gives me the true colour of my eyeshadow and it does help  my make up stay put all day too.


What is your favourite eyebrow product? The MUA Pro Brow kit is fab. I used to use a brown eyeshadow but since getting this product this is all I use now. You can see a proper review on this and the eye primer HERE 


What is your favourite eye shadow palette? (choose only 1) Oh this is just so unfair! Regular readers of my blog know I am a sucker for palettes. But if I have to pick just one then it has got to be the MUA Matte Palette. It is so amazing. It has everything going for it. Pigmentation, the gorgeous shades which are buildable for a more intense look. You can see my full review HERE in my MUA haul post.


What is your favourite eye make up remover? For ages I have loved Garnier 2 in 1 eye and face make up remover. It’s gentle and doesn’t sting my eyes and it even removes waterproof mascara. You can also use this all over to remove your  face make up too. But I would still use my regular cleanser afterwards though, to get a deep down clean.


What is your favourite mascara? This has to be the Fashionista Double Collection Mascara. It is what it says on the tube it’s double ended, the white side is a primer for your lashes so apply this first for thickness, then apply the black mascara for luscious lashes! It works for me. I usually apply the white primer then curl my lashes then apply the mascara.


What is your favourite eyeliner? (pencil kohl gel felt tip or liquid) I have trouble applying eyeliner, all I need is practice really. If I do have a go it is usually with gel liner like the Secret Gel eyeliner by Fashionista.


What is your favourite single eye shadow? I am afraid I can’t answer this one, I don’t have any singles at all. All my eye shadow are trio, quad or palettes. Sorry.

What are your favourite sunglasses? I love the sunnies I got free in a magazine during the Summer. I think they are stylish and pretty good quality for a freebie. They are also quite dark too, and I certainly don’t have to squint out in the sun like I have done wearing some sunglasses in the past. These also protect against UV rays too!


Well that is the All About Eyes tag done, I hope you enjoyed it.  I did send an email to the You Tuber to ask her if I could put a link to her video in this post, but unfortunately I haven’t heard back from her, so I am unable to insert one. I would have rather had her permission. Never mind.

I do have another couple of “Tag” posts coming up, I rather enjoy them. Have a great weekend peeps!

Ta Ta!

Hi all. It’s now Monday morning, 25/11/13 and I heard back from Nisha of Sugarpuffandfluff  You Tube channel, and she has given me permission to put link to her All About Eyes tag. I hope you will check her channel out. She also has some fab tutorials to share too, especially super eye looks for us ladies who have hooded eyes.



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