Magnetic Nail Polish and Caviar Beads, from MUA of course!

Hello all you lovely beauty junkies! I hope all is good for you and you are Living Life Beautifully.

This post I thought I would share with you my mere three bottles of Magnetic nail polish, and two bottles of caviar beads. They all come from MUA Make up Academy. MUA have 6 shades in their magnetic range. The three shades I have are, from left to right,  LEICESTER SQUARE, MAYFAIR and PARK LANE. I think my favourite is Mayfair, it’s a gorgeous dark teal green shade and are half price at only £1.25 each!  The bottles have the magnets on top of the lids. They only have two different sort of effects, “Squiggles” and “Circles”, and this depends on which you get. So with my three I’ve got two “Squiggles” and one “Circles” As you can see from the bottle tops they have a “lip” which is the part you rest on your fingertip to produce the pattern from the magnet


The Fashionista range at MUA also have a collection of magnetic nail polish for our delight. But you do have to buy the magnet separately and there are more colours to choose from. I would like to get a couple of these ones and just use one of the lid magnets from the ones I already have. That’s the thrifty in me, hee hee!


How to:  I still always use a base coat when using the magnetic nail polish. Apply one coat of magnetic polish to your nails and let dry completely, this polish actually doesn’t take very long to dry at all. I found that it was also quite matte after the one coat. This next part you will need to do one nail at a time,  it’s certainly not a mani you can do if you are in a hurry. Apply second coat, then immediately turn the brush upside down and rest the “lip” on the cuticle area but don’t let the magnet touch the nail bed as you will smudge your applied polish. I usually hold my hand up to eye level so I can see what I am doing properly. Hold the magnet over the polish for about 10/15 seconds, then move it away and “Presto” you have nail art without too much effort!

Fotor1107183342Now for the Cavier beads. I do love the effect of these so much!  MUA call these,  Nail Constellations because each colour is named after signs of the zodiac. There are just 5 in the collection GEMINI, LEO, LIBRA, PISCES and SCORPIO. They never made the beads for all the signs, so there has never been a Taurus one for me!  I plumped for Gemini (left in picture) and Scorpio. I’ve never done a whole manicure with just the beads, I’ve only done accent fingers. I love the look of this effect when it first goes on, it looks amazing, but as the day goes on the beads gradually fall off, especially when drying your hands, or running your hands through your hair, generally anything you do with your hands cause them to drop of somewhat. You would think about putting a clear polish over the top to seal them in, but if you do you will just end up with hundreds of unattractive tiny metal looking beads on your nails, the top coat pulls off the colour. I know, cos I tried it! Shame really, they look so pretty.


How to: You will need a small bowl for when you apply the nail beads. You will see why in a second. Apply your nail colour of choice, and while still wet shake the beads onto your nails over the bowl, the bowl will collect beads that don’t land on your nail. When you have the desired amount of beads on your nails, pat them down very gently so they sit into the wet polish. Tidy up around the edges, and you’re done.


So that’s my magnetic nail varnish and cavier beads, I also have a few Crackle effect polishes too, I think I will do a post on those next time. Also coming up in future posts will be a (dare I mention the C word!) Christmas gifts on a budget guide for ladies, men and teens. Maybe with a budget of up to £20 for each one? They probably won’t be all beauty I might add.


Oh and  just as I am finishing this I have just found out that MUA have now got an online Christmas sale shop open! Take a look  HERE


Okay lovely peeps, I hope you have a great weekend and Thank You for stopping by.



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