My Autumn/Winter Skin-Care and Avon Anew Trial Review.

Hi friends. I hope you are all well and living life beautifully.

Well Autumn here in the UK Autumn has well and truly arrived! One day we have beautiful sunshine then we have wet and very windy conditions, it can also be quite cold now too. Cold enough to sometimes need the central heating on!  And oh my days, can our skins suffer!

Because of the change in weather I have had to change my skin care products as my skin is drier than it usually is. Firstly I have changed my usual gel wash off cleanser to a creamy one. Just by that one change it makes a difference to the way my skin feels after cleansing. I now use Olay Anti Wrinkle Cleansing Milk, and as my regular readers will know I was lucky enough to be chosen to trial a day cream a night cream and an eye cream for Avon. These have made such a difference to my skin, and I am loving using these gorgeous products. Below are my honest opinion on all the skin care I am now using, including the Olay cleansing milk.

Olay Anti Wrinkle Cleansing Milk.


Firstly I just need to say that with this cleanser, I have noticed that the packaging varies and is called by a different name at some places. Mine was bought from our local pharmacy, but at other places I have seen it called Olay Age Defying Milk. It looks to me that it is exactly the same product though, as both offer the same skin benefits. Both contain VITANIACIN a blend of Vitamin E, Pro Vitamin B5, and Vitamin B3. It fights the seven signs of aging, helps with hydration of the  skin and can help with rosacea too.. The consistency of this cleansing milk surprised me, I expected it to be more “milk” like, but it was thicker and more creamy. It massaged into the skin just lovely. You can remove it with cotton wool if you like, but I prefer to remove mine with a wet face cloth. After using  and removing it my skin felt clean and fresh. It looked fresh and clean too and it didn’t feel dry and tight either. I have yet to try removing my eye make up with this product (I forgot the other day and just automatically reached for my eye make up remover, soz) I will try this for eye make up removal and get back to you with that one. Would I recommend this cleanser to anyone? Yes very definitely.

Avon Anew Ultimate 7S Day Cream 

This is one of the products that I was asked to trial for Avon. Oh my what a fabulous moisturising cream this is. Not only is the product inside the jar beautiful, the actual jar and packaging is too! You get a super 50ml of product, and the cream itself contains an SPF 25 UVA/UVB, which is still very important to me even at this time of year. I found this cream very rich and creamy so sumptuous and luxurious, it wasn’t heavy at all. I have been using it for about 6 weeks now and I can certainly see a huge difference in my skin. My partner has also noticed how much brighter and clearer my skin is. After cleansing I apply the product over my face neck and chest area, and the moisturisation lasts all day. My face never feels dry during the day at all now. After applying the cream I usually leave it about 5 minutes to sink right in before applying my make up and it really does give a super base to apply my foundation on. If you are a lady aged 50 years and over i can highly recommend this to you. This day cream will set you back £24.00.


Anew Ultimate 7S Night Cream

This really does compliment the day cream extremely well. This product is also fantastic, it is the best night cream I have ever used. It is thick and rich and smoothes into the skin wonderfully. It’s not greasy and it doesn’t make the skin sticky. It really does make my skin feel as though it is being fed with goodness while I sleep. I have never had bright clear skin first thing in the morning before, but since using Anew Ultimate 7S I now have it. It’s amazing! Once again it comes as a beautiful glass jar with 50ml of product within it. Another product that I would highly recommend to all you lovely 50 plus ladies, and will cost you £24.00

Anew Ultimate 7S Eye System 


I have never really liked an eye cream I have always preferred an eye gel. When I have used eye creams in the past I would always end up with  horrid white pimples under my eye area. So I was a wee bit worried about trying this eye care system. But I shouldn’t have worried because it’s a super eye cream which comes in two parts. In the base of the pot is a lovely rich cream which you pat gently around the whole of the eye area for day time wear. For night-time use there is an extra step to follow, you will find this in the lid of the pot. It is a super elixir, the consistency of a balm. You put this under the eye ONLY, after applying the cream. Everything about this eye care system is wonderful, moisturising, hydrating, smoothing. I have noticed a vast difference in the look of my eyes. Lines appear to be softened and the crows feet at the outer corners of my eyes appear softer too,  admittedly I didn’t have really deep wrinkles to begin with but what i did have at the start of this trial have lessened considerably. I also noticed that when I do my make up and powder under my eyes it doesn’t  “cake” anymore. The only thing I have been wondering about this particular product is that the elixir part will run out before the cream does. What happens then, is there a separate product I can purchase? I shall investigate. The lovely eye care system will cost £20.00


All these Anew Ultimate 7S products are for 50 plus age group, and are considerably more expensive than anything I have purchased before. I would very much like to continue to use this range of skin care, but as you know I am a budget beauty blogger, would it be against everything I am about,  to purchase something that costs a bit more? I don’t know.

Well that’s it for the time being friends. I hope this review has been of some help and of interest to you. I shall be back soon with something a bit different. Take care, I hope you have a good weekend.


BFN (Bye For Now)




8 comments on “My Autumn/Winter Skin-Care and Avon Anew Trial Review.

  1. Hi sis, love the blog especially the Olay anti wrinkle cream which I will be purchasing to see if it does help with my rosacea, I will let you know how I get on! Xxx

    • Hi sis. I am so glad you liked this. It really makes me so chuffed when my family give me a nod. I am going to be researching Rosacea for a future post, so I may be bothering you with a few questions! Xxxx

  2. Hi darling, I loved this review! Great to hear the Avon products are fantastic. I’ve never really been into Avon but I think I should give Avon a try! I am an Olay girl so I am happy you included the cleanser in your review. It really is awesome!

    @Sarah Young: With rosacea, you might want to try Olay’s Complete Care moisturizing fluid with SPF 15. Yes, the fluid, not the cream. And Olay does a fragrance-free fluid for sensitive skin as well!
    I have a friend who has rosacea and I got her to try this product. She has been happy with it since 2010. It is not a miracle product, but it will not aggravate your rosacea any further. A small 50 ml bottle will last for months, even if you use it several times daily. Let me know what you think!
    (I am not an Olay rep, I just happen to have fallen in love with Olay a couple of years ago.)

    • Hiya! I am so glad you enjoyed my review, your comment has made my day, thank you so much! Thank you also for recommending the Olay product for my sister Sarah, I shall make sure she sees this. xx

  3. Aw, thank you! xoxo
    I am looking at an online Avon brochure right now!

    And yes, your sister should try Olay’s fluid. It’s mild and very moisturizing, but it feels very light on the skin. And the SPF is an added bonus. 🙂

    It’s currently on offer at Superdrug’s for only £ 2.97 for 100 ml. Yes, less than £ 3:

    And it’s got awesome (!) reviews on Boots’s web site (scroll down):

    I know you can get this product in all the major supermarkets as well, but I didn’t check their offers. The better-than-half-price offer should do! 😉

    And please feel free to delete the links if you wish, I just included them to highlight the current offer and to give proof (well, other people’s reviews) of how great it is. Let me know if your sis likes it. 🙂

  4. Evening ladies, thank you very much for the recommendations to help my rosacea, I’m glad it’s pay day tomorrow as I will be treating myself!!! 😉 I will let you know if it helps!!! Xxx

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