Another Haul from MUA Make up Academy…..

Hiya everyone how are you all? Well I hope.

Well it just had to be done, yet another make up haul from MUA Make up Academy and Fashionista!  I think i can now admit that I am an MUA addict, official!

I usually only buy when MUA have an offer on so I was over the moon when they reached 100,000 “Likes” on their Facebook page as they promised 35% discount to customers on their online STORE. However, the discount code wasn’t going to be “live” till later that evening. So when my other half asked me what I was going to be buying he did some sums and said to me to forget about the 35% off just spend £30 and get free shipping instead. ( MUA offer free shipping on orders £30 plus) He also thought that there would be such a frenzy on the website, with things being out of stock etc, he didn’t want me to be disappointed. So I placed my order before the 35% discount was introduced. I was expecting to wait at least a week for my parcel to arrive, but 2 days later I had an email to say that my order was shipped. All I had to do was wait for the post to arrive with my goodies. In the meantime I got another email from MUA to say I was being refunded £1.00 as an item was out of stock. I began to worry then as it brought my total order to under the £30 I had to place in order to get the free shipping. But a HUGE Thank You to MUA for brilliant customer service, they did not charge me for shipping!!!!

Because my haul is fairly big, I thought I would review my new products in two posts. I shall begin with my MUA stash first.

Here is my shopping list.

Matte Palette – £4.00

2 Matte Lipsticks @ £1.00 each in shade Pouty Pink and Peachy Keen

2 Colour Blast Eyeshadow Tints @ £3.00 each in shades Stay and A Girl Like Me

4 Nail Varnish @ £1.00 each in shades Koala Bear, Plum Noir, Deepest Purple and Stormy Skies

Mascara – £1.00 – in shade 6

Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model make up palette – £7.00 rrp £12.00

Matte Lipstick


I am going to start with the new matte lipsticks. I always thought that as I aged I couldn’t use a matte lipstick. When these little beauties arrived and I put them on my lips oh how wrong was I!  Firstly I was amazed at how smooth they glided on my lips, no dragging at all and the colour pay off is gorgeous the two shades I have are very pigmented. Did they make my lips dry? defiantly not. In fact I was extremely surprised as to how moisturising they are. They last on the lips for a couple of hours for me, I am always licking my lips, a bad habit. I love the white and gold packaging of the new lipsticks too, and because these are white it means I can find a matte lipstick easier in my make up bag, when all my other lipsticks are in black packaging. There are 5 colours in the Matte collection and they all look gorgeous, I bought “Peachy Keen” and “Pouty Pink”

Nail Varnish


I bought 4 new shades of nail varnish. I love them all! This time I went for colours that I can wear for Autumn/Fall. I love berry colours and the two berry shades I have here may look as though they are the same colour, believe me they are different. The darker of the two,” Plum Noir” is very much more of a purple tone going towards black, it’s really gorgeous. My other berry shade,” Deepest Purple” tends to be more on the pink side of purple, it’s a lot lighter in tone. Both shades need at least a two coat application to get a smooth mani. I find that my manicure using MUA nail polish lasts me a good 5 days without chipping, I do always put a clear top coat on. The other two colours I bought are Grey tones. The lightest of the two,” Koala Bear” is really very pretty, and quite anti – aging on my hands. I did find with this colour though I need 2/3 coats to get a good finish as it is quite light. I am going to experiment with this one, I want to have a go at the newspaper print nail art! I think if I apply just one coat and then do the newspaper transfer, I think it could work. If it does, I will let you know. Lastly, the darkest grey “Stormy Skies” I haven’t worn properly,  I have just swatched it here for you to see. It does look beautiful though. This is a very dark metallic looking grey, with brownish undertones, it’s one of those shades that looks good on long or short nails. I put 2 coats on this swatch, I think to make it look even darker you could go to 3 coats and it would look stunning.



I bought one mascara, and this time I decided to go for it and get a coloured one rather than my usual black. This one is from the MUA £1.00 range of mascara and it’s Blue! I haven’t worn blue mascara for years and years. I think I must have been in my teens, I used to wear it with a matching blue kohl pencil! This mascara is just your straight up, no bells and whistles mascara. It doesn’t say “volumising” or “lengthening” or “curling” or “thickening”. I was dreading trying it as my lashes do need a bit of help now. But I was very surprised that this little £1.00 mascara is great! I curled my lashes before applying it as I would normally do and I got very nice blue eyelashes that were also thickened!  If the coloured mascara does that to my lashes, I think I shall have to try the black one too for every day.

Colour Blast Eyeshadow Tint


I have wanted to try these eye crayon/tint sticks ever since MUA released them. I bought 2 shades. “Stay” and “A Girl Like Me”. Hmm, the jury is out on these at the moment. The packaging is very nice, a chubby little twist up creamy eye crayon, meant to give you a long-lasting tint of colour. If you have oily eyelids I think you will need your primer over your lids first. I just tried mine without primer just to see how they blended. They do blend very nicely but after a while the colour creased on my lids, it had all collected into my socket crease. I think I shall give these another go but with a primer on first, then if I’m still not happy I could always put a powder shadow over the top. I do like the colours I chose, they give a very nice natural look, but I don’t think I shall re-purchase these.

Britain and Ireland Next Top Model Palette


Now then, you know how I love my make up palettes! Well this palette, giving its full title “Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model” is just absolutely wonderful. Wow. It has everything you need to create a fabulous face. Apart from needing your foundation, lipstick and mascara that is. It contains 28 eyeshadows, with a variety of matte, shimmer and pearl shades. It also contains a gorgeous pink blusher, a super bronzer which isn’t to shiny or orangey and a highlighter.  Every eyeshadow is super pigmented the product pay off is brilliant, but you don’t get any “fall out” when applying it as you would normally with high pigmented product. Everything in the palette feels super creamy too, and easy to blend, and buildable for more intense colour. This really is an amazing palette.

Matte Palette



I have been waiting for MUA to bring us this palette for ages, and now I have it, and it has become my all time favourite from this fab company.  The Matte palette, which MUA have actually given a name to, “Ever After” contains 10 fantastic matte eyeshadows and each colour has a name to it. I am so glad that MUA are starting to do that with new products they bring out, a name is much easier to remember than a number I feel. The first four colours in the palette I had terrible trouble swatching for the photos, but i hope that you get some idea. On the top row then, you have “Unwrap”, “Butter”, “Bare”, “Taffeta” and “Fade” these are more sheer in texture, but so creamy and truly matte. On the bottom row of the palette you have, “Penny”, “Chino”, “Truffle”, “Fog” and “Smoke”. Once again they are so creamy and smooth and they blend out beautifully. The top row with the lighter shades are ideal for your lid colour and also highlight under the brow, the bottom row shades you can do your smokey eye looks, and crease contour. This palette is also brilliant for us older ladies who can no longer wear really glittery eyeshadow, matte colours are less aging on us as there is no fall out to drop into any lines or wrinkles. I would  recommend this palette in a heartbeat to anyone, but especially to the older lady. Top Marks to MUA for this one!

Lastly, just before I pop off to prepare my next post, I just want to share with you something that my fiance made for me. He came home from work and handed me this fab make up brush holder that he made during a quiet moment at work!  I love it, and all I have to do is find some pretty fabric to cover it. All my brushes were in a roll up pouch and I was getting fed up having to keep un rolling it every time I wanted to do my make up, and then it would take up so much room when it was un rolled. Pretty nifty eh?


So that’s it for now friends till next time. I shall be back with some Fashionista pieces for review and also the results of my Avon Anew trial that I did recently. Take care.

Toodle Pip





10 comments on “Another Haul from MUA Make up Academy…..

  1. I love that your husband made you a brush holder; that’s so sweet! MUA are incredible, they definitely need more recognition! 🙂 Lovely post x

    • Hiya. I love my brush holder, I have something that is unique. lol. I agree with you about MUA too super company. I get quite miffed when I see people slating them. Have a good week. xx

    • Hi there. Thank you for your comment. The brush holder is made from a foam material used in packaging computers and TVs ect. He drilled holes in it for the brushes. I just need to cover it with pretty fabric. I love it, he really is very creative. xxx

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