October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

Hi everyone from a very wet and soggy UK! I hope you are all well.


I thought I would start a new month with raising the issue of Breast Cancer Awareness. Obviously I can only write about statistics here in the UK, and what this country is doing to raise awareness to this terrible disease.

Firstly, 1 in 8 women is diagnosed with breast cancer here in the UK. The advance of early detection and also treatment means that fewer people are losing their lives to breast cancer, but shockingly the number of cases in England alone has risen by 90% since 1971.

In 2009 more than 48,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK, that’s around 133 women a day!  In the same year around 370 men were diagnosed with breast cancer! Both these statistics are shocking I think you will agree.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women here in the UK, 31% of cancer in women is breast cancer!  Around 12,000 women in the UK die from breast cancer in a year. Although since peaking in the 1980s  breast cancer deaths has fallen by almost 40% in this country.

Age is a risk factor in developing breast cancer. 80% of women age 50 and over may develop breast cancer. The older the woman is,  the higher the risk. This is due in part to the increased exposure to the hormone oestrogen  and also faulty genes acquired  over a lifetime.  I have found a table of  those at risk age groups. See below.

Age (up to and including) Risk
29 1 in 1,900
39 1 in 215
49 1 in 50
59 1 in 22
69 1 in 13
79 1 in 11
Lifetime risk 1 in 8

For me, I think every woman of any age should check herself regularly. Do you know how to do a breast examination on yourself? What to look for? I have put in this LINK to a Wikipedia page that will show you how to examine yourself.

Please, if you are worried about anything, or if you find anything that you think is not right go to see your Doctor. If you feel too shy to go to the Doctor because you have a male GP, ask to see a female Doctor, you are well within your rights to do so.

I do hope this is being of a little bit of help to you.

There are a few beauty companies who are helping to raise not only awareness to breast cancer but also funds towards research too. Here are a couple that I have heard of.

Estee Lauder has a beautiful jewelled pin for only £10, and their Advance Night Repair has a pretty pink charm attached.

Avon will be supporting the cause in their brochure campaign 16.  They will donate £1.00 for every  Nailware Pro+ in the shade Viva Pink.  In the meantime you can buy  THIS  pretty pin.

Clinique have a beautiful pink lipstick and purse for £16, and £2.00 goes towards the cause.

Sorry for getting a tad serious in today’s post, but I shall be back very soon with my latest make up haul from MUA Make up Acadamy/Fashionista. I hope you will like it, I’ve got some super pieces to show you.

Take care, be healthy.

Bye for Now.


6 comments on “October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

  1. Thank you so much for writing this; my mom was diagnosed with BC in early 2010 (she is in her 3rd year of remission now, thankfully), so this is a topic that means a lot to me. I know others haven’t been so lucky, so the added research on how to examine ourselves was very helpful. I hope you don’t mind that I downloaded the pink ribbon on your sidebar to add to my blog, too?
    Thanks again xx

    • Hi lovely. This was quite a hard topic to write about as regards researching it, I had to get it right. The statistics had to be correct and to be honest I did frighten myself a bit too. I am so glad that your Mum has come through this terrible disease, and I wish her continued good health. I don’t mind at all that you downloaded the pink ribbon for your blog. Take care. Teresa. x

    • Hi there! Thank you so much for your comment, I found it quite hard to write this post I got a bit scared. Thank you for following me, I shall be following you too. xx

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