Avon Trial Update

Hey everyone, I hope all is well in your little corner of the beauty world!

As some of you may or may not know, I was chosen along with another 199 ladies aged 50 plus to trial a new anti aging day cream, night cream and eye cream for Avon. It’s from their Anew range, called Anew Ultimate. It’s a months trial and I am half way through, I’ve just started my third week and I am loving using these gorgeous products. At the end of the trial those ladies that submit a review to Avon get put into a draw to win £70 worth of products. Fingers crossed for me please!

I feel I cannot give you all a review of the products at the moment, as I think I should submit my thoughts to Avon first but in the meantime I thought I would tease you with a little photo of the products Avon sent me. Sorry peeps.


While on the subject of Avon, I did a haul and review of some of their products a couple of posts back and one of the products I mentioned was the 24K Gold Nail strengthener. I said I wasn’t very keen on it, that I felt it wasn’t doing anything in the way of strengthening my nails, in particular the index finger on my right hand. Well I have an update, I have been using the product regularly as part of my weekly manicure and I can happily say that I am liking it now. My nails are lovely and strong, and  they aren’t peeling at all now. The only thing that I have found is my nails appear to be a bit yellow after removing the product. I think it may be ingredients in the nail strengthener because after I do my three step buffing routine they are back to “normal” pink colour. So all is good with the nails now, thankfully.

Okay friends,  I had an  MUA order  delivered today so look out for more reviews very soon. It will include one of MUA’s new palettes (you know I’m a sucker for a good palette) it’s their new matte eye shadow palette. Also a couple of their new matte lipsticks too, plus a few other things as well. So until next time take care and Live Life Beautifully!

Ta Ta for now!


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